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Stannis Bloodstone Introdution.


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  • Emerald

Waylen Jones, born in Australia in 1985, moved to France in the late 90’s. Aspiring historian based on the events that occurred in “The Golden Age of Piracy 1600’s – 1830’s”. Acclaimed author-novelist and runner up for the Young Historian Award in the Czech Republic. When he was not writing or researching his was enjoying his time by participating in LARP events with his close friends. He and his friends invested in steel swords and armour and duelled each other with imagined names, Waylen chose the name of Stannis Bloodstone, based after his favourite character from the ASOIAF book series. He even used the house sigil on his armour with his imagined name engraved underneath, he had a spare ID card that read “Stannis Bloodstone” instead of his actual name, he took his past time very seriously.

Fast forward a few years, Waylen had travelled all over the Caribbean, found treasures from sunken ships and had his own spot reserved in a history museum in Jamaica, Oh, and a zombie apocalypse had happened while he was based in the Ukraine writing a book on Golden Age Pirates vs. Modern Day Pirates. Since the outbreak, Waylen had lost his friends to the infected, his possessions to the other side of the world and he had also lost his mind, each passing day he became more Stannis Bloodstone and less Waylen Jones. He had murdered people, people who had not even suffered from infection, murdered them just for their can of beans.

He had lost his armour and his sword when a group of Survivors came by and took him hostage, he was their captive for weeks, months even. They were living in the City of Sevastopol, when they arrived, his saviours. They came in like a subtle gust of wind, silent, Derrick, the leader of the captors didn’t know they were there until he was the last left alive… funny, his group always went on about how they were “Alive”, I guess Derrick realised how wrong he was when the saviours were beating him to death with the limbs and skulls of his fallen comrades.

“Silly cunts shouldn’t have holed up in a rum tavern, that thar’ was the mistake.” said who Waylen could only presume was the leader. “Load it all on to the ship, we’ll be needing ta’ head back home soon”

“Cap’n, look over, we didn’t get em’ all” Said a what seemed to be a lower ranking member.

“Good eyes lad, but I don’t think he’s one of these Alive boyos” The ‘Captain’ says as he starts walking over “This one looks like he has been through hell, what be your name lad?”

“The name would be Stannis Bloodstone, and what would your name be?” He replied while picking himself up.

“Well, I’d be Gordon Cole, Captain of the Black Skull, and this’d be me crew” The Captain says while extending his hand “So, Stannis, How did you end up taggin along with this lot?”

“I was captured, Snuck up on me when I was takin’ a nap, took me sword and me armour too, sold it to some skinny cunt for ‘is car” Stannis replies while shaking the Captains hand.

“Your sword? Tell me boy, do ya’ know how to fight?” the Captain asked “Cause’ you seem like and alright lad, and we are looking for more crew. Lost a few men as of late.”

“Aye, I can fight, and I ain’t got nowhere else to go, If you’d have me on board than I’d be happy to join” said Stannis Reluctantly.

“Well then, Biddy, Grab me a spare Skull mask and a Pistol, it seems like we have some new blood in the ranks.” The Captain shouts, Biddy was the one who spotted Stannis earlier. “Come on boy, lets go home.”

“Home? Where is home Cap’n?” Stannis asked in confusion.

“Well boy, That’d be Tortuga, small Island off the coast of Chernarus, that would be our home.” Said the Captain Powerfully.

*This is a slight introduction for my new BSP character, and how he met up with them, while also killing off my previous character which I used for just over a year. I understand that the infection part was rushed but it is not the purpose of this story.

*Please also let me know if there are any issue with continuity, lore etc.*

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  • Emerald

Nice man :) I'll have to write my story of how I joined BSP I think, would be good to have all our stories available.

I'd be keen on reading that dude, It would be nice to also show that we aren't all a bunch of crazies following Gordon and that we were crazy pre-BSP

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