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A shout out to whoever offered me the DayZRP Radio job AGES AGO!

The Traveler

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Back when I hosted a radio show, I hosted it with someone (being a guest star on their radio show) but I cannot remember for the life of me who it was :S

The reason I ask is because I have forgotten everything about it, the programme we used, how to do it on twitch ect ect :S

If anyone can find me this gentlemen or, failing that, give me the info I need, I would appreciate it :3

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Found the guy!

" Van koogan" was the name :/

Unfortunately he has no dissapeared :/

So looking for advice now! :D

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  • Emerald

Well you cant do it on Twitch unless you are adding some gameplay to the back of it. Twitch does not like it any more for people that use their service without gaming.

I'm sure if you google, you'd come up with some decent sources for doing this.

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  • Diamond


justintv IS twitch.

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