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Patch issues.

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Hey guys, when my whitelist is passed i want to be able to play on the server, but i have an issue. My dayZ commander will not let me downgrade to patch 103718, it says 'The version of AramA2 OA (1.63) is more recent than this patch version (1.62)'

It looks like im stuck. Can anybody help me?

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  • Community Manager

You have to downgrade your beta patch (can be done via DayZCommander).

When we launch the 1.4.0 patch we will use 1.63 for our servers, but until then you'll have to use Commander to downgrade your Arma.

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  • Legend

Marking as solved! Great to see this problem was fixed!

If you do have any questions or have future problems. You know you can post here or PM a member of Staff for help. Best that you contact a CH for these issues and they can find a solution for you ;)


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