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-snip- is when someone has deleted the message which was previously there.

Usually because it isn't needed, is a bit flamey or is too long :)

For example - if i Posted #FuckCLFDogpigsrule

then obviously I shouldn't of posted it but I can't delete my post so I edit it to say -snip- instead :)

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  • Sapphire

/reserved just means someone wants to post something in that post slot before someone else. They'll then go back and edit it once they want to write it out.

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Like Hatch said about the reserved, it's usually used on clan threads where people haven't read through the entire thing yet, but they want their feedback to be first for some reason. I've done it before, but I still don't know why...

People also snip pictures and videos that they're quoting because they don't need to be there again.

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  • Sapphire

Going to mark as solved as it seems you've got your answers - Thanks Tam & Burgz :thumbsup:

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