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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Am i missing out on something?

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Ok, so S2 is still pretty popular. And most of it is because of the tradepost. But where is everyone? No one is at the tradepost, no one is at prud, and no one is at stary, those are 3 popular places. Is there a new settlement everyone at?

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  • Emerald

More recently there has been traffic at cherno. If people aren't up north, chances are they're either on the coast or doing something secluded.

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  • Titanium

Altar Castle, maybe?

Cherno has been getting a lot of traffic due to conflicts between multiple clans recently. They're most likely there, or somewhere along the coast.

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  • Legend

You just have to look around, as has been stated a lot of peopel have been down at the coast. But if you just travel around you will find people.

Yesterday I was re-gearing up at NWAF and I found two guys, we found a third guy (who was a bit weird so we ditched him) and then I got a car ride from them down to TP where I ran south from there.

If you just travel around you will always meet people eventually!

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