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IC Items and Your Character


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We all have characters, new and old, that may have some things that they keep that they find emotionally attatched too. Could be a box of cereal for all we know. Why don't we all share what our characters carry other then the standard pistol and rifle? I'll start.

Carib 'Grey Wolf' Jodar:

-Derek Steel's Knife of Hope

Obtained by the commandant of FMDS himself, a knife with etching on the blade titled Hope.

-Carib's Iphone

As modern as it gets, an Iphone still in power. Charged using car chargers and used primarily for photo taking and recording.

-Ranger Pendant

Found in Zub Castle along with five others, originally used by the 14th century South Zagorian Rangers, now serves as a necklace for Carib and a few of his most trusted friends.

Could be a picture of your characters wife, could be a E-cig, could be anything your character carries in his pocket/wears on him.


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  • Emerald

I carry one of my brother's dogtags in my pocket as a reminder of him. As far as non-sentimental items, I carry extra medical supplies that aren't IC items (like splints and such) as my role is usually a combat medic. Also carry around my old NWO and TRI patches.

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I guess I'll give this a shot.

Norman Frieden:

- An old CD player

Has kept it from the start of the outbreak. Runs on AA batteries, music provided by some personal mix CD's.

- Group photo of the Original 501st

Carried it on every mission for luck, now serves as a reminder of those who have fallen. Dead have been X'd out.

- Old notebook

Used to keep a day to day journal but has long since run out of pages, likes to doodle in the margins.

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Zekial Arakma

Cell Phone (Sony Xperia Play 4G)

Zeke carries around his cell phone and pulls it out at random. It has no service due to it being a American cell phone, but he looks at it just out of habit.

(Zekial is a character based off of myself, so I had to include my age-old habit of looking at my cell phone even though I'm not using it for anything ;))

Lawkeeper Badge

Only recently acquired, its the only other thing Zeke carries on him. The fate of the Lawkeepers is still unknown to him.

Kasumi Masuda

Not sure if it counts but Kasumi has a tattoo on her right shoulder. On it's pretty clearly this: 死. That stands for death and pretty clearly represents Kasumi's love and acceptance of death.

(This also was used in one of my old Signatures)

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My character Ivan has a couple items he is attached to.

His old Outsider patch


His red beret from when he was the Field Captain of the Royal Reds & his RR patch


His Guitar.

and a knife with an SVR emblem on it he got from a SVR recruit he executed.

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Guest Katherine

Briana Rebecca Simpson

[align=left] -Custom Made Mercenary Suit.


(Same design, However emblems aren't attached yet.)

This Custom made suit was made for Briana, When she was in the Golden Claw Mercenaries. It has custom made logos of different facts, Including the CommonWealth, Golden Claw Emblem and a new recently Raven Shield Mercenary Patch sewn onto it.


-Laptop From Namalask


This item was acquired from namalsk, During a Ambitious expedition with Matt Brown and the Free Medics. It was recovered from a science facility from object A2. Since then, it is being worked to decode and retrieve the information from it. Her Friend Naomi currently is working on decoding it.


-Gut Knife


This knife once belonged to a infamous Serial killer Amond in Sobvok, Russia. In a hand to hand combat tournament Briana participated in. Briana was on the verge of winning until Amond took a concealed Knife from his person and proceeded to attempt to kill her. However it failed and Briana ended up killing him and claiming it as a reward.

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  • Sapphire

A few old patches:

CPU (Civilian Protection Unit)


PK (Peacekeepers)


CBR (Cerberus)


Different kind of face masks (ghost mask / black mask / white kufiya)

Dog tags from his time as mercenary

Pictures of Pripyat / Chernobyl area

A picture of his wife

Also, a pack of cigarettes which just "spawns" more cigarettes :P

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  • Sapphire

Castiel frost's Items

1: His friend Joshua Winchester's Karambit knife he obtained after beheading him at a corporation meeting.


2: His Butterfly knife he has owned since he was a child.


3: And lastly the machete he uses to behead the victims he executes for betrayal.


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  • Emerald

Well, I had my Derrek Butcher character since I started last year, but I'm killing him off and making my new BSP character carry Derreks jawbone around. Derrek took him captive so Stannis didnt really like him and he uses his jawbone as a backscratcher.

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Guest Phalix

Dominic's Characters items:

His fathers dogtags danny%20walker%20dog%20tag.jpg

A journal, containing 3 letters from his girlfriend from before the apocalypse, this journal contains love letters he sends to his deceased girlfriend.journal-cover.jpg

Louisville Slugger that he uses to beat/torture his captives.louisville-slugger-bat.jpg


-His brothers Swiss-army knife

-A picture of him and his ex-girlfriend(his most important possesion besides the journal

-A note from his mother, basically saying "stay safe, love you"(Of course it's more than that, that's just the jist of it.)

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  • Emerald

Carl Prince


Carl posing on top of altar castle

A Bowie knife used to slaughter his comrades and civilians when Steve took over his mind


A DMMO pendent showing that he will forever will be a member of DMMO


a Cross necklace and The Holy Bible


A pack of Advil to take when the voices in his head get to loud


his adorable cat switchblade that he keeps in his bag(had to rp it off when my cat wouldn't shut up and now i just roll with it)


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Travis Wolff

Old worn out photo:

It is a photo of my brother and I back when we were kids and happy before life hit us in the gut.


Standard Swiss pocket knife that I brought and keep with me to open cans that I find in the wasteland.


A cross that is hung around my neck for safety. (I have mixed feelings toward religion due to this outbreak, keep it just for the reminder that God still exists.)[/color]

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  • Community Manager

Dr. Dimitri Stepanov

Old russian passport

Used during his time in Russia with the CLF. Origin of the passport is unknown to others. Carries it around at all times.

Notebook and red pen

The notebook is an important item to Dimitri. He carries it around and takes notes of everything that he see's and hears.

A picture of him and Gina Rossina

The picture symbolizes his love and affection for Gina. He always has it on him, however he does never show it to anyone.

Home-made "vitamin" pills

Dimitri makes his own pills, however after the Haven defeat he hasn't had a base to create new pills. He now keeps a bunch of them stacked in his backpack until he can get a new place to create them.

Various medical supplies

Dimitri always carries a wide variety of medical supplies which he nicked out of the Berezino Hospital supplies after the outbreak. As a doctor, it is vital for him to have all these supplies.

A photograph of Mirco

Remember Mirco!

A bottle of Stas' finest

Always carrying. Goat Killer.

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  • Titanium

Sung Ho:

The Watcher's patch


and FANGS patch


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  • Sapphire

Vladimir Chernov - Red Beret, Outsiders patch and Khoul patch

Nathan Pond - Tan beret from SASR

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  • Emerald

Alexander Dukov carry's

A old hip flask with his family name engraved onto it

and a old smoking tin that belonged to his father.

Lt. Matt Jewell carry's

A photo of his men before they were overran

His Green Berret

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Max 'Rat' Simons - Tan SASR Berret and small Australian flag patch.

Aariz Rahid - Khoul Badge and his Quran

Maxim Simonik - Fallen badge he cut of Amy Strange, the ladies random rabling keeps him up at night he doesnt understand what it means. "There is no Cause without the scars, no hand without the doctor"

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  • MVP

My most valued possessions:


"It is starting to wear thin. I can only sharpen it so many times now... every word matters..."


"Its batteries ran out a long time ago and I do not wish to use the few remaining in my pack. I will save it for my last words before my task is done."


"Its uses are limited and making a darkroom is extremely difficult and time consuming if a military flashlight cannot be found... We only have a small number of these remaining."

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Guest The Reverend

For DSc.Rev. Daray Laurent those items are:

His pipe- it has been passed down through his family for generations.

Tobacco- he found this tobacco while he was in Namalsk. The tobacco smells of raspberry and cinnamon, which reminds him of his sister, whom he has lost a long time ago.

His notebook- he keeps all his knowledge and research in it, plus his memories.

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Guest Likurja

Zakhar Zukowski:

My journal and my durable pen, contains a lot of information about Chernarus and its people but mostly the pages are full of entries from Volgograd.


Self made hip flask from Polis, keeps my favourite booze clean and safe.


Old Russian Millitary dogtags with the New Volgograd Rangers information on the other side. Without these I might have been shot in the past.


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  • Diamond

Naomi Lyonsfield

After helping the professor and Boris to get into South Zagoria she quickly changed to more concealing clothes, she still have her hazmat suit hidden away in the forest around black lake incase of emergencies. Such an emergency came to be after the wedding between Rebbeca Simpson and Briana Simpson. The attic at homestead had become contagious after the melting of a car battery.

Naomi in her normal clothes


Her hazmat suit


During the wedding at homestead Briana Simpson handed over a laptop to Naomi. This laptop had been recovered from the research floor at the science facility at Object A2 in Namalsk, Briana was helped bringing it back by Dr.Matt Brown and the Free Medics. Naomi is currently using a decryption key given to her by Prof.Nick J Hunter. Naomi is currently on the task of decoding the laptop and unlocking its secrets.

The Laptop


The Decryption key


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  • Emerald

Rebecca Visser


Several pen's and penicls

Medical instruction cards from army guys

Load of pictures

Old Camera wich works perfectly

necklace with a cross

A little version of the Bible only containing the new testament.

Big Hunting Knife

Several books like 'The Mist'

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  • Sapphire

An old Chernarussian hunting license

Niko have always been fond of hunting so therefore it's only natural he would keep his hunting license.

Usually a Stas Boyko vodka bottle

You never know when you have to celebrate another victory eh?!

Small notebook and a pen

It's not unusual that higher rankings tell you to write something important down, so therefore it's good to have something to actually write it down with.

Pilot Sunglasses

This was the first thing Niko found when he left the forest to scavenge the nearest city Zelenogorsk for supplies, he's kept them on him ever since and he believes that they bring him luck.

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