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Server time (UTC): 2021-09-25 02:47

Instant Death

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So what happened was i logged back in. as soon as that happened i took a couple steps, reloaded, and then started spinning in circles randomly i couldn't press any buttons and then i just fell to the ground and died. I have no idea what happened but im sad i lost a lot of gear for no reason..

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Player Name: Sam 'Saiko' Raines

Server: S2

Date & Time (Server time): Sadly I don't know the exact server time but it was at night and about 10 minutes before the post.

Thanks, found it. Will investigate and see what's caused it. Can you login fine now without dying?

Was there anything different about how you joined the server than previously when you died?

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Yea everything is fine now afterwards I played for another 30 minutes or so without that problem and logged out and back in multiple times (tweaking options).And I logged in like I normally would when the situation occurred so I have no idea what happened.

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I have been falling through the world alot and running through buildings killing me so..that might have happened to you

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