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The Lumber Station (Very W.I.P)

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The Lumber Station was a small scale lumber mill, created next the Pan-Chernarus train network so that any timber collected could be easily transported to Novigrad or where ever it needed to go.

When the infection broke out 2 years ago, the ex-workers of this Lumber Mill realised that it's secure and remote location was a perfect place to set up camp to try and survive what ever wiped out so many of their friends and family. When a Ural truck lost control due the driver being infected, crashed onto the train tracks nearly causing a derailment and a serious accident that section of railroad between Elektrovadst and Berezion was cut off. The train and the truck still remain there today, however they have been stripped of all working parts by desperate survivors and thieves.

The atmosphere at the camp is warm and welcoming with a small camp fire set up in the middle of the make-shift compound.






all in all this PCB took around 1-1.5 hours to make, please put any feedback/improvements in the comments below, thank you :)

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  • Emerald

This is genius. A station where lumber is cut and transported. Look great so far, but ofc it's still a work in progress. Maybe some tree stumps around the area and what not?

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  • MVP

Where is this located?

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  • Diamond

i like this, one problem tough that i see with this. Adding all of those trees is rising the part count up by a lot.

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yeah, i was thinking that, i can always delete the trees though; they are just to make the place seem authentic and serve no true purpose than than of being aesthetically pleasing :)

there are 138 items, so i guess i'll need to ready up mah chainsaw and get cuttin' ;)

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  • MVP

Good news first, I really like this idea

now bad news.

There is already something incredibly similar to this in 1.4.0 and very close to the same area as well.

For that reason we will have to decline this sorry :(

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  • MVP

no problems :)

Take it as feedback that your idea was sound though - it's such a good idea the actual DayZMod devs already made one :D

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