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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Zelenyy Nozh


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You have opened my private notebook stranger.I suggest you to put it back there where you found it or just keep reading.

My name is Alexandr Cernosek.I was born in 28th of March 1985 near Belozerk.Both of my parents worked in local Kolkhoz.When i turned 2 years old my parents sent me to live with my uncle who lived about 2 kilometers north of Elektrozavodsk.I had good life.My uncle was able to buy me everything what was needed and food was always on the table.I went to school at age of 7 in Elektrozavodsk.First day i found myself a best friend.His name was Vitaly.Me and Vitaly used to do alot of things together.Like, first cigarettes what Vitaly took from his mom, riding with bikes, stealing candy from local market.Aaaah, life was good until one day, 22nd of May 1995.

I was in 3th grade in that time.We had Mathematics class until 10 armed men stormed into our classroom.They told us to get on the ground and to shut up.We listened to them.They searched us for documents and everything else valuable what we had.When they started leaving they took Vitaly with them and shot our Mathematics teacher in the head.We were all shocked and crying.What we later found out that they were local communist rebels called Chernorusskoye Dvizheniye Krasnoy Zvezdy(ChDKZ)or how people liked to call them, Chedaki.After that incident i sworn that i do anything what i can to defend my people, my nation.

I started my own group.It only contained people in my class.We started our own little fight against Russians living in the area and ex communist party members.Heh, i have to say it worked because alot of them moved out from the area.

Years passed and i turned 16.I made contact with leader of local NAPA forces in the area.I offered him that i can join now.He didnt agreed with me and only said that if i finish my 9th grade then i will be recruited to fight in NAPA.Another year passed.I finished my 9th grade with good grades.My uncle was proud at me.When i told him what i am planning he didnt say anything.He went to his room, gave me picture of my parents and fished me luck.Few hours before that i contacted NAPA and said they can pick me up.I said me final farewells to him and stepped into NAPA UAZ.

Oh shit.I have to go.Commander wants us to check whats going on near Zelenogorsk.


//This will be countinued.I just ran out of ideas at the moment.

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