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Lets Play a game

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Okay guys i have 2 keys; one for Bioshock 1 and one for Darkness 2.

What is the game?:

I am thinking of 2 numbers between 1 - 50 you have to guess said numbers.

If no one gets the answer correct i will pick 2 people at random

What are the rules?:

everyone gets 2 turns, the winner will be picked when i wake up tomorrow

good luck <3

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  • Emerald

nate van dyke

Jean Giraud

what do i win?

Jake I think you need to pick a better game :P Right Click "Search Google for this image" TeeHee

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  • Sapphire

42 and 21.

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  • Sapphire

44 & 35

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  • Sapphire

10 & 001 (1)?

Edit: Too late :P

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