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My PID is too long for the provided space?

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Firstly, greetings, fellow DayZRP'ers. I'm new to the site and am applying to get whitelisted as we speak. However, I've had an issue inputting my PID.

My PlayerID is simply too long for the text box given. I can type most of the letters, though not all of them. I spoke to a friend of mine who plays on this server regularly, and he suggested I make a post about it.

This is irritating me because I've recently gotten big into RPing, and wanted to try it in DayZRP with friends, though may be unable to because my PlayerID is too long :/

Does anyone have any suggestions/information to help me through this?

Thanks in advance,


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This solved post is similiar: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-pid--46096

The searchfunction works well.

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Solution: Go to your operation arrowhead directory and delete all the files that are not in folders. Then go to steam and verify the integrity of your game cache.

Taken from the thread Terra linked.

If that doesn't work, go here download and grab the beta patch 103718, as soon as you have the beta patch run DayZ through commander, you should get a new PID.

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I will mark this as solved then if you do encounter any other issues I will unsolve it and from there we can fix the entire issue.


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