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Pidde's ban appeal.


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Hey, my name is Peter aka Pidde. I played on this server about 1 month ago and i played here for quite a while. Me and my friend started a clan called the "Chernarus Militia". We ran around and gathered loot and we always got found by the "SDS". We always got robbed by them. We got so mad and tired of this that we decided to combat log while we were getting robbed. Because of this we got banned. I know that what we did was a dick move but we felt that it was necessary. I would like to say sorry for our bad acting and i would like to be given a new chance into the game. Thank you very much!

Sincerely Peter.

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You were only permanent banned because you did not reply in the allotted time after the report was made, which is standard for us to do. I will bring this up to the admins and see what we can do for you.

I have removed your ban and will issue you 1 ban strike, which will expire in 30 days. Combat logging is against our server rules.

Welcome back, and read the rules. :)

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