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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Ra's al-Hayyah

(رأس أل-هييه)


نتذكر أن واحد الذي هو اختبار لكم هو الأكثر الحكيم، الرحيم والأكثر المحبة وأنه هو لم ترسل هذه الكارثة من أجل تدمير لك أو يسبب لك الألم أو النهاية قبالة لكم . بدلا من ذلك، وهو فحص عليك، اختبار صبركم والقبول والإيمان؛ ومن ذلك أنه قد يسمع الدعاء الخاص والدعاء، حتى انه قد أراك واقفا أمامه تسعى حمايته مليئة التواضع والشكوى إليه، وحدها. الصعوبات التي نواجهها هي تذكير لللك بالعودة إلى الله وطلب المغفرة منه. لتلك التي لا تحيل إلى الله كما طلب الصفح له، ورفض الحب له فقط يبقى مسار واحد و 'نحن' يسلم إرادة الله عليهم.


Important Information

(معلومات هامة)

Group CP: Group CP

Group XML: XML

Clan Tag: [R.A-H]

Settlement Thread





The Origins of the group known as Ra's al-Hayyah begin in Takistan at the beginning of the war when American soldiers invaded the borders of Takistan to overthrow their "dictatorial socialist government" that was brought into power in 1992 with considerable military aid of the soviet union. The Ra's al-Hayyah Came about as one of the "state funded terrorist groups" Hired to Distract the invading United States troops away from the Takistani National Army who were preparing to launch missles at the neighbouring country of Karzegistan this was achieved by launching stealth attacks on US checkpoints and encampments so that the Takistani National army would be given space to achieve their goals.

The Ra's al-Hayyah were also tasked with seeking and destroying the local Takistani Royalist Rebels that were funded by the CIA. The Ra's al-Hayyah were A heavy Islamic Militant Group with somewhere around Six hundred Militants under their banner in the beginning many of whom were lost during the skirmishes with the invading US force and fighting with the Royalist Rebels.

The Ra's al-Hayyah were located closer to the centre of Takistan Operating in and around the larger city of "Chalang".The city it self was split down the middle in terms of control with the Takistani Royalist Rebels maintaining control the western side of the city which prevented The Ra's al-Hayyah and similar groups from pushing west to disrupt the US forces stationed there.

With Colonel Muhhamad R. Aziz eventually falling to the Americans and the rebels in the west the Ra's al-Hayyah and other similar groups were left unfunded and broken As they were left to flee their Country eastwards through the unforgiving desert or perish to the Takistani Royalist Rebels as they continued to push East and clean up the remaining forces sided with now fallen government.



Ra's al-Hayyah Forces fighting alongside Takistani

Government helicopters against the foreign invaders


Movement Into Chernarus

(الحركة إلى الشرق)

With the Ra's al-Hayyah forced eastwards through the harsh desert there was only one location they would end up Chernarus a land ravaged by a Brutal Civil war only a few years before. The population of Chernarus was low before the Civil war and it was without a doubt even lower now. As the few Ra's al-Hayyah that remained after their retreat from Takistan continued moving eastwards through Chernarus they noticed that the population was far too low even for a country recovering from a civil war but thought nothing of it.

Thought nothing of it until they were forced to.....this Thing.....this "Demon" attacked them with tooth and claw and growls the Extremely Islamic Ra's al-Hayyah could only compare to that of the devil. The country was absolutely infested with these Demons every village, every town, every city had been overcome by these Demons. The Ra's al-Hayyah saw this as a Curse placed upon humanity by the Almighty Allah for all their wrong doings and would make it their mission in Chernarus to prevent it. They knew what they had to do.....

The Ra's al-Hayyah would make Chernarus into a religious state or a "Ummah" and uphold the laws of their religion to help better humanity and to prevent further Curses being placed upon themselves and the rest of humanity by the one true lord.

And with the upholding of these laws they hope to appease Allah and eventually circumvent this curse.


Laws Of The Ummah

(قوانين الأمة)


1. The preaching and/or glorification of any religion other then Islam (the one true religion above all) is forbidden. While practising foreign religions is allowed under no circumstances will it be preached in the presence of The Ummah. The punishment for committing such a disrespectful act will most likely lead to repossession by Ra's al-Hayyah of all assets of the accused as well as permanent exile from Ra's al-Hayyah controlled territories.

2. Thievery or stealing of any sort is completely forbidden. By the words of our Holy Quran, should two or more witnesses swear under oath of our Lord Allah that the accused has taken possession of a object belonging to anyone other then themselves will result in severe punishment(s). Depending on the quality and quantity of the value of item(s) stolen, punishments will vary accordingly. Trials will only be conducted in cases where upon needed, for instance there is more then one suspect.

3. Any item of consumption that has been declared Haram by the Holy Quran (for example alcohol, drugs, etc.) is to be destroyed on sight, if it is consumed in the presence of The Ummah the perpetrator must be dealt with immediately. If uncoperative lethal force will be used accordingly. The only exception to this is if a person is dying of starvation and/or dehydration he (or she) may consume a Haram food and/or drink if in absolute dire need. However this is to only be used as a last resort, abuse of this exception will result in various punishment(s) carried out by Ra's al-Hayyah officials, a trial will be conducted in all cases.

4. Conducting a Haram act such as gambling or adultery is absolutely forbidden, as declared Haram by Allahs word. Any individual caught or suspected of committing such an action will be placed on trial before Ra's al-Hayyah officials where upon a final verdict will be issued declaring guilty or innocent. If an act is committed openly in front of Ra's al-Hayyah officials the individual will be dealt with severely without trial. Being threatened with death to perform such an act is no excuse to commit a Haram act and will be dealt with in a manner just the same as an individual who committed a Haram act willingly.

5. Women and Men must dress in a appropriate and modest fashion at all times. We are all Allah's creation, we were all placed on Earth as a test. To dress modestly is not only following the Will of Allah but will also dissuade people from committing Haram acts such as adultery and/or sex before marriage. Trials are permitted however if found guilty of lying or giving poor reasoning the person may be removed of their entire possessions and assets and exiled from Ra's al-Hayyah territories.

6. All Muslims (Of the Ummah) reserve the right to call upon the Ra's al-Hayyah in any case where upon a Muslim is placed in danger. Ra's al-Hayyah must not refuse unless reasonable evidence can prove that the Muslim in distress is not loyal to Allah and his word. Questioning on radio and/or on the spot from Ra's al-Hayyah officials will determine such and ultimately the punishment(s) for calling upon Ra's al-Hayyah illegitimately. Only Muslims reserve the right for this call of aid. Infidels caught attempting to bait Ra's al-Hayyah personnel will be exiled out of Ra's al-Hayyah held territory, without trial.

7. Any group and/or individual caught or suspected of aiding the jinn (AKA Infected, AKA Zombies) spread and create chaos will be executed after trial by Ra's al-Hayyah personnel. Ra's al-Hayyah personnel hold the right to detain any individual and/or group committing such an act on sight and may deal punishments before trial depending on evidence observed and severity of act.

8. Every Muslim is required to take up arms with Ra's al-Hayyah as all servants of Allah are required to fight the jinn and attempt to expel them from this world. Ra's al-Hayyah personnel being servants of Allah reserve the right to call any Muslim to fight in the name of our Most Merciful and Most Powerful Lord Allah. Any Muslim who refuses to defend himself and the holy land provided by our Lord Allah will be detained without trial followed by permanent exile from Ra's al-Hayyah territories, further punishments may follow. Disloyalty has no place in the Holy Ummah and will be dealt with severely.

9. THE QURAN IS LAW. The Quran will have the final say in all disputes, all disputes will be handled by Ra's al-Hayyah officials. As the servants and warriors of Allah their interpretation of the Quran is above all else in any disputes hence Ra's al-Hayyah personnel will exclusively lead any and all trials held. To challenge the rule and authority of Ra's al-Hayyah personnel is nothing short of treason towards our Lord Allah himself hence will be dealt with accordingly. Only the most painful forms of torture will be reserved for traitors of The Ummah. Traitors will be given one trial and one trial only.

10. The Ra's al-Hayyah being the last true defenders of Islam and warriors of Allah exclusively reserve the right to call for a Jihad against groups and/or individuals that actively oppose Islam or threaten the survival of The Ummah. All Muslims are required to answer the call to defend Islam when it indeed comes.

A Jihad against individuals and/or groups will only be called on upon in cases where the survival of Islam and the Ummah are threatened. Which will be exclusively determined by Ra's al-Hayyah officials. The loyalty of all Muslims is owed to Ra's al-Hayyah and no other state, any states attempting to unite a front against Ra's al-Hayyah and The Ummah will be automatically forfeit and a Jihad will be declared, for the survival of The Ummah.



Ra's al-Hayyah Militants Fighting in the city of Chalang and the damage they caused to the invading US forces that would dare to test them.



Goals Of The Ra's al-Hayyah


- Destroy the Demons That now plague the earth.

- Uphold the religious laws instated in the land of Chernarus

- Punish people who would dare to defy our religious laws

- Establish a centre point for the Ummah




-Brothers And Sisters-


Block 17 [b-17]


Dawnguard [Dawnguard]

The Watchers [TWS]

The Shadow Syndicate [s-SYN]

New Volgograd Rangers [NV-R]

Somalian Death Squad [s.D.S]

The Gray Fangs [FANGS]

Operational Detachment Alpha 153 [ODA153]

Imperial Dragōns [Doragonzu]

The Hosts [Hosts]

Chernaya Strazha [CS]

The 501st [501st]

FourFive [FRFV]


Free Medics [FM]

Free Medic Defense Squad [FMDS]

Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya Remnants [CRA]

Chernarus Liberation Front [CLF]

Blackwood Republic [bWR]

1st Marine Zombie Eradication Division [1MZED]

-Unbelieving Kafir-

Raven Shield Corporation [R.S.C]

Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki [sVR]


How We Play

(كيف نلعب)

The Ra's al-Hayyah are a Neutral-Hostile group who will attempt to uphold their religious laws throughout the land of Chernarus and punish those who would break them with varying punishments based on the severity of their law breaking.

As a whole if you follow the laws and are generally respectful to us and those around you you will be left alone.





(الإخوة والأخوات)

Recruitment is Currently: Open

Caliph Badamir al-Brittani

Royal Guard Jabbar Abdul-Raheem

Royal Guard Mustafa 'Abdul' Islamy

General Aayid Murad

Commander Sa'iid AsaduAllah

Commander Muhammad Azlan Nazir

Officer Naji Saleh

Warrior Hassan Al-Zafir

Warrior Jahaad Zafir

Warrior Badr Nagi

Warrior Caliph Iman

Warrior Sajjad Bahar

Warrior Jaamac Suufi

Warrior Ahamed Abdul Sulayman

Warrior Muhammad Abdul Sayid

Warrior Habib Abdul-Rahman

Recruit Ali AsaduAllah

Recruit Aguta Jibra Al Alaski

All Brothers of the Ra's al-Hayyah are required to wear either of these skins Choice of Face and Glasses are up to you within reason:

Takistani Rebel

Takistani Rebel 2

Takistani Special Forces




In Game Name:
Player ID:
Age (16+):
DayZ Expierence:
DayZRP Expierence:
Map experience/Navigation:
Availability per week:
Previous Clans/Groups:
English Skills (1-10): 
What are your RP Strengths?:
Can you buy one of the clan skins?:
Why do you want to join us?:
What is your knowledge of Islam?:

Fill out the form above and send it to Udgar, Amir, Pringles and Mizzie; You're application will be reviewed by us, and you will receive a confirmation or declined message. In rare cases we may ask you to come on TS for further questions.



(ردود الفعل)

All feedback both positive and negative can be posted here on the thread please make it both constructive and informative and lacking of any flame and keep exaggeration to a minimum whether its positive or negative the more real information the better.

Try to include:

- The Server Time and Server of the event you are commenting on

- Things you think we did well

- Things you think we can improve on

- Things you think we could do in the future

- How would you rate your experience out of 10?

- Did any of our members stand out more than others?

- Any additional Comments

- Any other suggestions


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  • Emerald



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lookin' real good guys !! Good Luck not like you'll need it.

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  • Sapphire

Wow. This looks epic.

You read it that quick? Damn :troll:

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  • Emerald

Wow. This looks epic.

You read it that quick? Damn :troll:

I'll give feedback in a minute, may even send an application. Not that I expect you to accept it though. :D

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  • Emerald

Looks great guys !

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  • Sapphire

Good luck with this. Love the diplomacy part. :D

See you around.

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  • Sapphire

Looks flippin sweet, reminds me of my al-takizh days sort of, looking forward to meet you in-game!

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  • Sapphire

Looks flippin sweet, reminds me of my al-takizh days sort of, looking forward to meet you in-game!

I cant imagine CLF would like us much if im honest but we shall see :P can never predict what will happen in character

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  • Sapphire

Looks flippin sweet, reminds me of my al-takizh days sort of, looking forward to meet you in-game!

I cant imagine CLF would like us much if im honest but we shall see :P can never predict what will happen in character

Haha I never said our clans would like eachother but i'm very interested in seeing you guys RP! Hostile or not doesn't matter i'll look forward to it :D

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Guest Katherine

Quick question, Is the Islamic group Sunni Or Shia and do you have any plans of enforcing Sharia Law? I guess kinda on the second question, But a yes or no would be better.

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  • Sapphire

Quick question, Is the Islamic group Sunni Or Shia and do you have any plans of enforcing Sharia Law?

Find out in game :P Were around

it wont be fun if we reveal everything straight away

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  • Titanium

What if i told you that Alexandr Cernosek is muslim.Good luck :D

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  • Emerald

Good luck. Looks great :P

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Loving this thread definitely going to send in a application.

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  • Sapphire

Loving this thread definitely going to send in a application.

But you're in a clan already no?

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Loving this thread definitely going to send in a application.

But you're in a clan already no?

Im leaving SCOPRIO tho jason disbanding it for inactivity among most of the members only me sem and jason were the only active
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  • Sapphire

So can I join :D

You gonna send us an app? :D

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