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Greetings fellow survivors!

Guest CaptainJupiter

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Guest CaptainJupiter

Greetings survivors of hell on earth that is our lovely and beloved post-apocalyptic Chernaurus :)

Glad to finally be a part of the DayZRP community after so many recommendations from friends. Time to get stuck in! Look forward to meeting you whoever be lucky enough to cross paths with me.

My character's favourite food is lovely, juicy rabbit. *hint hint*

Survivor Details:

Marcus 'Bull' Campbell, 25, 90kg, engaged and brand new father just before Patient Zero released the infection.. Worked as an aircraft engineer for a PMC, working on small light aircraft and military transport aircraft.

Personality: Likable (not Lick-able), Athletic, resourceful, adaptable. But most of all: Instinct - a gift to act on his own gut feelings and get out alive. Thinks highly of his own opinion.

Skillset: 70 hours of flight training in light aircraft with father. Survivalist, great fan of Bear Grylls. Knows how to shoot a pistol. Can fix just about anything that has an engine and a set of sturdy wings.

All in all... see you hell ladies and gents.

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Hey man, welcome aboard the Goodship DayZRP!

By the sound of it you'll make a good addition to the community in regards to RP - good luck on your whitelist as well!

Make sure you've read our rules, and I'd recommend also looking at a few of our lore threads to help a bit in regards to the current DayZRP lore.

Feel free to ask myself or anyone else for help, I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige, as am I.

Above all else, enjoy your time here!


The Rifleman

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Guest CaptainJupiter

Tell you what, that revised lore thread is great! Been checking the forums out quite a bit past few days save myself going in blind, so to speak. Whitelist has been accepted and I'm installing as we speak. Can't wait to get in!

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well well well mr jupiter :). glad you are here mate. just enjoy yourself bro and make sure you read the rules as ive already told you soooooo many times :) i will help you out as much as possible mate dont be affraid to ask for help from anyone but mainly staff members. apart from that have fun dude

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