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Sergeant First Class Cornelius Battle Log 28JUL2012

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I hate having to do this diary crap, or at least that's what Major Rundgren calls it. United States Army Special Operations quacks want to me log my day to day activities, due to my PTSD issues from being in combat operations in Iraq and Afghan. So I will do my best.... By the way incase someone picks this up off my dead body please send it to the New York Times!

DTG (Date/Time Group): 063028JUL2014


----Well today started out crazy, kissed my wife goodbye for what I hope is the last time, this is my last OP. It is a small mission in Somolia, your typical counter pirate operation. Jones, Mavis, Bend, Miavia, Smith, and Harris are all present and accounted for. So we have the mission brief at 0830 and I will continue to write down what's up after our little pow wow.

DTG: 094528JUL2014


----So the Major really surprised the s*it out of me today, we are going to UTES?? WTF?? UTES??? What happened to Somalia? The Major was quick about the brief all I know is that we are going to be on a plane leaving in 45 minutes. Dude seriously I mean WTF!! I told me wife what was up and she said good luck and sent me a picture of my Baby Boy with a "I MISS DADDY" shirt on, I am very tired of war and being a global police officer. Oh well.

DTG: 220028JUL2014


----Ok well I am totally clueless we had another mission brief and I was only left with one question why no body armor? Why are we wearing old school arm/leg guards like the knights of old. They told us nothing of who, what, or where we will be fighting. My men are in good morale but they have questions for me that I myself would like to have answered.... I will continue to do this bulls*it combat diary crap, incase I don't have another chance to write in this tell me wife I'm sorry for not being there and tell my son to be a proud man and don't make the mistakes Dad made.

********END OF TRANSCIPT #1*******

********START OF TRANSCIPT #2*********

DTG: 053029JUL2014



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