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The Trade

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The safety catch makes a clicking noise as it gets taken off right behind me.

"Hello comrade. If you would be so kind, to lay your weapon to the ground?"

Oh damn. Didn´t expect that. The cold barrel is being pushed against my neck.

Carefuly I open the gun belt, take my AK and place it on the ground.

"You got any other weapon with ya, comrade?"

I shake my head. The barrel gets removed from my neck.

"Ok, turn arround now. I won´t shoot ya, if ya know how to behave yaself."

As I turn arround, I look into the eyes of an older man. His hair is already turning gray, his eyes look tired and a bit milky. A scar all over his face. He is dressed in a worn down shirt and a greasy jeans. In his hands he´s holding a MP 5 sub machine gun. It is still pointed at me.

"If you would be so kind to not point this MP 5 directly into my face?"

"Oh, right. Can´t be too careful these days, comrade. Well I´ll still have to ask ya, what ya doing inside my house?"

"Oh, I have to apologize... errmm ... comrade. But I didn´t know, that this is your house."

"Well it is, but since ya here, ya can stay here and have a look at my little shop."

He searches in a backpack, placed on the ground, finds something and places it infront of me.

An AK magazine. 30 rounds. Exactly what I was searching the whole time.

"Well looks like ya need this, comrade."

He looks into my pleased face. Damn, I was never good at trading. I´m not the person for a poker face.

I open my backpack.

"Well I got that lubricant, some batteries..."

I place the items in front of me.

"... this box of matches. Oh, this canned noodles, some toothpaste. And this swiss army knife."

His eyes are sparkling greedy.

"Ha, this aint worth a sh*t, comrade. Got something better for me?"

Damn, I wanted to keep this for myself, but the ammunition is worth it. I rummage in my backpack and can finally find it.

His eyes become big, as he sees the porn magazine in my hands.

"Now we have a trade comrade. A good trade..."

His eyes full of anticipation, he reaches me the magazine, packs the traded items into his backpack and happily guides me to the door.

Half an hour later I find him lying on the ground. Inside his bloody chest is a 5.45x39 mm AK bullet. My 5.45x39 mm AK bullet.

I may not be a good trader, but I´m a pretty good with my AK.

Nobody takes my magazine...

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