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The Forgotten - Robert Smith's Journal


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*Picking up a dusty, leather bound book with aged yellow pages, you open it and begin to read from the dusty paged with faded pencil handwriting*

Entry 1

I don't know who you are, might be or have been, you might've found this tattered old thing laying about where I dropped it, maybe where my lifeless corpse is laying right now, or maybe you stole it from my bag when I was sleeping you heartless bastard.

Either way it don't matter anymore, My name is Robert, Robert Smith, Sergeant, 255...fucking hell, still can't get that shit out of my head.


'If we all stick together, we'll beat this apocalypse' I said once to my men over two years ago...one of the few memorable moments anyway as we held a small military enclave down by Balota airstrip.

The day was as crisp as any other, fresh morning dew on the grass, a few birds tweeting in the trees, the lads were outside - Jacobs was crying over the Leftenant's death, poor bastard. We were defending around a thousand or so civvies during the quarantine with barely fifty trained men in our arsenal.

The little light armour we had was all but retreating, bogged down, missing or engaged elsewhere. We had an American A-10 on station in case anything happened, we could hear countless explosions and gunfire from Chernogorsk just to our East...

Then, shit hit the fan.

We suddenly got a few small groups of infect...zombie bastards coming from the East and the West. We beat them back, but more just kept coming...fucking thousands of the bastards descending on our little encampment -

It was a fucking massacre, don't let anyone tell you different - we called for support, but none came...

I...lost...over two dozen men in ten minutes...two dozen good men...friends, hell I considered Arnie a fucking brother! Just gone...snuffed out as simple as a fucking candle before bed...

I fought with my men until I thought we could fight no longer, our HMGs ran dry, LMG gunners were down to barely a magazine, Rifles down to a handful of mags, dry on M203's...and more of them just kept on coming at us...

We ran...

...Like fucking cowards we ran for the hills, saving barely a hundred of the original survivor enclave from over a thousand...I lost myself there - lost myself to a hopeless pit of despair...

Then...I lost the rest of them...

Fucking everyone I knew...thirty-nine men...

It drove me to the point of insanity...hell, I STILL FUCKING AM!

I held the old picture of the Fourty of us a few days post to me loosing everyone else...and I swear I seen them standing on a hill as the sun rose over it, watching me...

I fell down into tears, uncontrollable shaking and unrelenting depression...but, now I've seen what happened to them.

I might have thirty nine guys watching my back, even when I'm alone.

People I know, people I trust, people I'll never forget.

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  • Emerald

wow, good stuff man keep it up :-)

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  • Emerald

Entry 2:


That place was a fucking shitstorm, don't let anyone tell you different.

You hadn't heard? There was a stranded UEF or whatever Destroyer called the USS Dauntless at this island just off the coast of the mainland. Myself and Niklas, one of our members of the Fangs came with me to answer to the distress call sent out by the Ship.

I'm just sitting here, prying out god knows how many bullets from countless wounds - the bastards got a few good shots on me too.

Anyway, back onto the story. There was some technical shit about how the engines were damaged or something, and we had to protect the ship from god knows how many crazy mad bastards dressed in black who were trying to destroy the ship. People whom most 'round here have dubbed "The Council"...The name itself makes my blood run cold.

The bastards responsible for god knows how many atrocities in regards to basic human rights and shit like that. They're well known and partially feared here in our little corner of the world. "History is written by the victor" rings very true in my ears in regards to this "Council". They seem to have absolute bucket loads of Men, Arms, Ammunition, Armour and Air Support.

Hell, I managed to cost the bastards one Mi-24 or whatever, a Russian gunship it seemed.

Long story short, It was the longest fire-fight in my god-forsaken life. We cost the Council plenty in regards to light armour, infantry, helicopters - we even cost them a few jets.

Not without cost on our end though.

Plenty of bodies littered the trenches - killed either by Council infantry, or god knows how much shrapnel. Same with several helicopters, including 2 Cobra attack helicopters, and hell - we even lost our A-10 Warthog gunship to the bastards.

But, we managed to keep the Dauntless in one piece - although, she did take a beating - the council managed to score plenty of missiles on the ship.

We even took the fight to them too. Captured their FOB with little to no resistance.

It was a hell of a victory for us.

Hell, the Dauntless even looked a bit like the HMS Essex that I served on for a while prior to this...well, this.

Tell you what, I think we might be in a chance for winning this.

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