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Radio Broadcaster

Would an Old Fashioned Broadcaster be something you'd like to see done?   

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So lately I have been working on some voice impersonations and after binge playing my way through Fallout 3, I completely immersed myself in the radio broadcast's on my Pipboy. One such broadcast that I still love to this day is the "Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood and his Ghoul Manservant Argyle" Now what I loved was the opening narrator's voice. That trademark broadcaster voice to me just stood for an era and I loved it. I thought it was hilarious that they even incorporated that style into the Legend of Korra when they would talk about what happened in the previous episode.

So recently I would jokingly say it over TS with my group saying things like;

"The War Off-Shore, The Council attempts to destroy the USS Dauntless. But thanks to the efforts of the CTC, UEF, and the brave citizens of this wasteland, we have emerged victorious! More news @ 11"

So over the course of the Summer I hope to continue working on my voice work, and write up some lines in accordance to what goes on in the servers. Firefights, events, ect. Anything that would help get this idea in the air.

I'd would also like some feedback on this idea. Thanks.

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  • Emerald

I named my Hero alt after Argyle, because his name sounded cool... yep.

But yeah man, we had a radio broadcast, it'd be nice to something like it again.

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I don't no about old fashioned type of radio Broadcast, i don't get why it would be, Dayzrp is still set in modern times.

I still like the idea, just not Old Fashioned, instead maybe like a broken style etc.

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  • Emerald

Is this going to be the new "Chernarus Live!"? Would be nice in regards to having a "permanent" voice in the Apocalypse again.

Just not "Old Fashioned" like Fallout 3 and New Vegas - new and more modern songs along with balanced out amounts of news segments, but not old things like "Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood".

I'd be happy to help in regards to a new Radio Station in Chernarus that would be broadcasted, let me know if I can help over the summer!

Inb4 Staff Radio hosts.

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I love the idea of a radio broadcaster in Chernarus. If you ever played Spec Ops: The Line then you know how cool it was to have the radio guy broadcasting everything you did in the game. I know it won't be like that, but something about wasteland news and radio feels so right.

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I think the best approach would be to have several people in the radio/podcast team, maybe the media team can help you create something

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If you have good equipment and whenever you have the time here is a suggestion: On TS (in a private channel) Run music. I don't know if others will like this since TS is roughly used for communications only but take this as a consideration. Good luck man, +1 :)

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  • Sapphire

If we get the realistic radios in A.C.R.E. you could just have a channel that is the radio station for everyone to listen too if they choose to.

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  • Diamond

+1, i say you should go for it. maybe you can ask the media team for some help.

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