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The Slightly Used Journal Of Liu Brennan


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  • Emerald

Hah! I haven't seen one of these in a while! I never expected to find a leather bound journal in this new age, I thought they would all surely be ruined, but here it is! Sadly, this one has had some use...Sorry Lacie Veretum! An odd name she had there, and judging by the first twenty pages, she had been through a lot. I suppose she was the sulker I put the ax into.

Anyhow, enough about her, onto my day! Today was a good day indeed! I came out of the forest clearing after roaming around in it for two days, only to see a dam with a huge lake behind it. Just my luck! After I drank my fill of water, I went to take care of my hunger, and decided to use the dam to get a view of the area around me. Well, behind me there was a barn, but in front of the dam, there was a house with tents strewn about it as if it housed quite a few. I know I was hungry, but I couldn't bring it upon myself to rob those people who were just trying to survive..It would have been too cruel.

Well, lucky for me, that was not needed! On that little dam, I found myself one of those AKs! Just like the video games! It had two bananas near it too, filled to the top with bullets! A little down the way I ended up finding two sodas and four cans of food! Can you believe it! Well, I shouldered that baby, and stuffed the food in my jacket's inside pockets, cans against your ribs hurt by the way! A few sulkers were strewn about, so I did not dilly dally, and gave a quick look inside the barn.

That is where I found Messy Betsy, my lovely ax. She had one of those dead guys near her, so I had to play cat and mouse with him before I got a hold of Betsy and took out his left leg. After that, I did him in proper. May he rest in peace.

After that, I took a rather long walk to a neighboring village, might I add a peaceful walk at that, I even saw a rabbit! Upon scanning the few buildings I could, my eyes fell upon a long barn. It looked like one of those places where cattle were stabled until they were ready for the slaughter house, and by the smell of it, I was right. In there I had two of those downtrodden dead people, so I went to work, using the railing to outmaneuver them and create a barrier while I swung for the head.

As the last one fell, a glimmer caught my eye, and guess what I see. A six shooter the size of a dang cannon! This must have been one huge cowboy that held that thing! The barrel is so heavy, and the bullets are so huge! It is not worth much to me, because I know I can't fire it, but I am sure it will trade for something! In that same place I found one of those little military shovels, so I grabbed it. Then my eyes spotted a fishing pole in the corner, and for some reason, I could not pass that up. It had no bait or lures, just a small shiny hook, but that is personally all I need to snag a fish!

Well, I spent too much time in Lacie's home...I am going to get to work burying her, and read her something from the good book before departing. Live a happy after life Lacie!

Sincerely, Liu Brennan 7/14/2014

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  • Emerald

The indentations did not seem to register for the paragraphs, so I spaced them out while I was at it. It should look better now.

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