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Half empty, or half full?


Half Empty / Half full  

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  • Sapphire

Both :>

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I have a feeling that this will tear the community apart, way too many is going to flame wether its half full or half empty.. or just a hat. delete this thread imo.

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  • Legend

Given the apparent angle of the interior surface, I'd have to estimate that the glass is closer to 42% filled with water.

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Neither, because there is actually another glass in the glass, but because it's not actually the glass, it's not the glass, neither is it made of glass, but it's half full yet completely empty, and thus it's not actually a glass.

Glassception?! :o

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Guest Lunarity


As the title says, is the glass half full or half empty?

As an engineer i'm gonna say that glass is twice the size it needs to be :Troll:

It's empty, i needed more %power !

[ Drunk Luna is drunk ]

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