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Faded Memories

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"Ivan, come eat!" Yelled Ivan's mother, Vera Kapralov, from the porch of their small farm house.

Ivan slowly walked towards the house from his usual tree that he would relax under after school. He sat down at the table with his two brothers, Petr and Dmitri, while his mother prepared the family's food.

"Why are you always sitting alone out there? Don't you have any friends to hang out with?" His brother Petr said snobbishly.

"Di do pitchi," replied Ivan.

"Watch your mouth!" Yelled Ivan's mother from the kitchen. Ivan crossed his arms and looked down at the floor until his mother came in with the usual rice and some sort of meat his mother had picked up from the local market.

"ugh, this crap again," Dmitri said.

"It's all we can afford---its all anyone can afford. We have to supply our soldiers while they're out fighting this war for us. Now stop your complaining" Ivan said as he shoveled down his food.

"See your brother gets it," said Vera. Petr and Dmitri sighed and started eating their food. After eating Ivan retired to his room where he then spent the rest of his night getting lost in his books


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  • Emerald

Nice read. I'm interested in the brothers that you mentioned though. Would like to see where this story deveops into present day Chernarus.

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  • Sapphire

Good work, Voe!

Looking forward to seeing more of this!

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Ivan awoke to his mother sweeping Ivan's cluttered room, she had let him sleep in knowing that he most likely had been up all night.

"What time is it?" Ivan said, still half asleep.

"Twelve something" she said.

"Kurva, Kurva, I'm going to be late" Said Ivan as he hurried out of bed to grab his things.

"They are not teaching today, don't worry" Ivan's mother said as she chuckled

Ivan sighed in relief as he layed down his pack and books.

"Well now that you are awake, I need you to drive down to the store to pick up some things" Ivan's mother said as she looked sternly at him.

"Da, just write them down and I'll pick them up after breakfast" Ivan said as he walked into the kitchen to find his morning meal.

His mother had made him a meal of toast and eggs which were now cold. Ivan heated the food up in the old rusted microwave that was sitting on the counter and hastily ate it all.

Vera walked into the room and set the list down on the table and pointed Ivan towards the door, Ivan quickly put on his black coat and picked up his satchel bag then walked out to his old black car.

Ivan drove down towards the city of Berenzino it did not take him long as the city was just down the road from their house. He parked outside of the general store and slowly walked in.

He was greeted by the friendly store owner, Pavel. Pavel had a very distinct voice his accent was heavy and his voice was booming, it almost felt like he could shake the room if he yelled loud enough.


"Ivan my boy, how are you doing today?" asked Pavel

"I'm fine, just came to pick up a few things for mother" Ivan said as he scanned the shelves for the items he needed.

Ivan loaded the the canned foods and things that his mother had put on the list into his satchel bag and approached the counter. He unloaded the items as Pavel scanned them and handed them back to Ivan.

"That will be 40 Chernarubles" said Pavel as he handed the last item to him.

"40 Chernarubles, that's ridiculous last week this would have only costed 10" Ivan said as he angrily looked towards Pavel

"Sorry my boy but the prices have skyrocketed because of this fucking civil war" Pavel said as he sighed

Ivan clearly frustrated slammed the 40 Chernarubles on the counter. He packed the final item into his satchel pack then whispered something into Pavels ear.

"Did you manage to smuggle in what i asked you"

"Da, Da, one second" Pavel whispered back.

Pavel slowly pulled out a pristine Makarov pistol from under the counter and quickly handed it to Ivan who hid it under his coat. Ivan nodded to him then walked outside the store.

He knew what he had to do with this, it was only a matter of time before the opportunity arose.


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  • Titanium

Interesting, keep it up :D Keen to see how the background of Ivan progresses.

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  • Emerald

Wonder what the Makarov will be used for? Will be interesting to see.

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  • Sapphire

Cliffhanger much, ah! :D

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  • MVP


Love it. <3

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Love it. <3

You will find out soon enough. I'm going to be adding a lot of stuff into Ivans story. I never really came up with a full fledged detailed backstory for him I pretty much just shaped him off of IC encounters. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with current day Chernarus in this story.

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"Stay safe Ivan" said Pavel as Ivan started to walk out of the store

As Ivan was walking out of the store a boy being escorted by a man in a white lab coat walked inside The boy picked out a couple chocolate bars from the shelves and walked up to the counter.

"Good, now give the man the chocolate" Said the man in the lab coat

The boy handed the chocolate up to Pavel. Pavel asked them for a ridiculous amount of money for the chocolate explaining that chocolate was hard to come by because of the civil war.

"Good Conor, now lets head back to the hospital" the man said as he paid Pavel and then walked away from the counter with the boy

Ivan caught a glimpse of a badge that said Dr. Vasily [berenzhino hospital psychiatric ward]

"Hm...weird" Ivan thought as they walked out of the store

Ivan waved goodbye to Pavel and walked back out to his car to drive back with his mothers items.

As he was driving back he spotted some trucks surrounded by heavily armed soldiers.


"God dammit" Ivan said under his breath

One of the soldiers approached the car with a sinister smile on his face.

"Well, Well, what do we have here?" said the soldier

"I'm just heading back home" Ivan said nervously

"Just heading home eh?" asked the soldier

"Da, I went to pick up some groceries" Ivan said as he opened his satchel bag to reveal the items

"Hmmm I don't believe you, get out of the fucking car" the soldier barked as he pointed his rifle at Ivan

Ivan got out of the car slowly while the soldier approached him.

It did not take long before the man knocked him to the ground with the butt of his rifle.

"Do you know who the fuck we are!" yelled the soldier

"C-Chedaki?" said Ivan as he lay on the floor

All the soldiers laughed as Ivan replied.

"Da" they all said in unison

The soldiers proceeded kick and jab at Ivan for what seemed like hours until the soldier who first approached Ivan interrupted them.

"Boys, its going to get dark soon why don't you head back to camp. After I'm done with this guy I'll drive back in my new black car" he said laughing at what he said.

The soldiers saluted and proceeded to drive away in their trucks.

The man picked Ivan up by his hair then said

"You are going to die here tonight, far away from your bed where your loved ones won't hear you scream for mercy"

The man pulled out his knife and slowly started to move it towards Ivans neck.

"The pistol" Ivan thought

Ivan started pleading for his life to distract the soldier.

"And why should I do that" said the soldier as he laughed and let go of Ivans hair

Without hesitating Ivan quickly pulled out the Makarov and shot the soldier in the chest. His screams of pain filled the air as Ivan limped over towards him.

"No you are going to die tonight" said Ivan as he stared into the mans eyes

"Soucit, Soucit, Soucit" the soldier screamed as he held the entry wound in his chest

Ivan chuckled and without hesitation pulled the trigger. He then slowly limped towards his car and drove towards his house.


This fueled Ivan's hate for the Chedaki even more and thus gave him more reason to do what he had planned to do.

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  • Titanium

YEA!FUCK CHEDAKI!But awesome story :D.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Amir.....Fucking hell Amir.."

*Knock* *Knock*

Fast foot steps can be heard rushing to the door of the Kapralov house. The door opens revealing Ivans mother with a shocked look on her face.

"Oh my god, Ivan what happened to you?"

He was still holding the loaded Makarov with his blood covered arm.

He coughed up a little blood, sighed and said.

"C-Chedaki scum"

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  • 4 weeks later...

~I've walked for what seems like months?....weeks?....Years?

"My name is Amir, do you need help?"~

Ivan stumbled into his house and was greeted by his mother, she had a shocked look on her face as any mother would when facing their child in such a condition.

"můj bože, Ó. Ivan what happened" she said rushing over to her wounded son to give him aid

"I ran into some trouble mateřský, don't worry"

Ivans mother noticed the gun in Ivans hand as he stumbled through the kitchen and laid the groceries onto the table he then walked to his room where he retired for the night.

Ivan's mother was worried of course, but there was not much she could do.

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