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Promo Vid timeline help


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As promised I'm currently making a promotion video for DayZ RP, but I need your help. To help people get a hold on the lore of the community, I would like to know the timeline of the apocalypse ranging from First outbreak to current day.


day/month/year: Virus spreads to Northern America/Eastern Europe etc

Muchly appreciated :)

I didn't want to do it all by myself and end up with a few people disagreeing with it.

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There is no "official" timeline; you have to make your own. Here's one, but I highly suggest moving the date of the outbreak to 2013, as to not interfere with the Takistan conflict (that happened in 2012). You might want to play Harvest Red to see what happened in 2009, like I did. My own explanation is that the disease was a natural mutation of something like Rabies or some kind of Prion disease that causes extreme agression, hemorrhage, necrosis and muscle incoordination (to explain the zombie gait), that appeared in Northern Chernarus for some reason. I promised to myself I was going to make the news report section, but I seem to be stuck in the news reporting part. Care to collaborate though?

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