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New suggestion for Helicopters on S3


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There was an interesting discussion a few months ago about helicopters and the +'s and -'s of them being implemented to all servers. S1, S2 and S3.

Now that it is set for helicopters to be in S3, I wanted to throw a suggestion out there. This may already be in place, but I wanted to make sure.

In the editor, each faction, more specifically the Chedaki, CDF, and Russia, all have Mi-8/17s that are considered and labeled as Medevac helicopters, but do not necessarily have a big red cross on the fuselage. So essentially you have a camouflaged military helicopter, without the OPness of PK's if that is still a problem. That way we can have a military helicopter without having EVERY Mi-8/17 being a shiny civilian one, or an armed flying tank. Those are both still nice though. :)

It would be nice to have two, or three, probably two as three is a bit much, Mi-8/17s. An unarmed military and civilian, or an unarmed military, a civilian, and a standard Mi-8/17.

I think two is more reasonable but that is not up to me. Please consider adding these if they are not already in.

Thank you all!

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I like this idea

HA! First person that replies 2 months or so later is part of my clan.

So much for being unbiased!


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But... but guys...

There's only one server up. S1

Well this was posted like 2 months ago. Just my two cents.

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Blame the necro above my first post. :P


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