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help in understanting rules

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Hello i am trying to register in DayzRP and i sent an application but i got regected because my KOS rule description was wrong i wrote:

"The KoS "Kill on Sight" rule is the most human rule in the whole game.This rule means that you cannot kill a person on sight and that you need to act human and talk and initiate on him before you just shoot and steal his gear from a dead body, You can only shoot him if he does not comply, of course..For example, you travel in the woods and see a person 100 meters away from you, you think it's a person who killed your clanmate and you want to take revenge but are not sure that ist the right person so you go closer to him and you begin to threaten him and ask him questions about his identity and not kill him on sight. Once you learn that it is the person that killed your clanmate, you are allowed to kill him."

and i dont understand what is wrong can you please make me understand? thank you

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Simplicity is the key.

When reading this its stretched into a long winded circumstance.

Keep it simple but make sure to add more key details.

Remember the difference between groups and individuals.

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Great work voodoo ;)


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