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Raptor Jesus Journal

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Day 1 - I have awaken from my comatose. I still have not gotten myself into this world. I remember surviving a boat incident, which was going to take me from this country which has been overrun by zombies. I remember the captain converting into a zombie the minute we took off into the sea, as we were turning to reach to the wide ocean, he turns and we did not have time to get to the wheel to be able to turn as we just rammed into rocks. When I woke up and I did realize what had happened, as I turned to look at the ground I saw with the light of the sinking boat I saw a flashlights and some D batteries. I plugged the batteries in and headed to where the road took me...

Day 2- It seems like I see some car lights, It was a friendly man of what I seem to know. He was honking at me saying if I needed a ride. I, of course went into the car. He asks me my name "Raptor Jesus..." He replied to me " The name is Scadinav! How long has it been that you washed off the shore"? After a while we told each other our lifes before the apocalypse. He sounded like a nice guy and took me to Stary Sobor. A place that I know about. He took me to Stary Sobor and helped me out with some equipment to be able to survive the night. He was the angel sent from heaven. I wonder if there is even a heaven after all of this disaster. I finally feel sleepy as I sweep into a deep sleep as I stare at my family pictures.....

Day 3- When I finally wake up I realize that I am next to a campfire. " Good day Jesus! How was the sleep?" I replied to him,"Good, smells like steak. Dinner for Breakfast?" He replied " In our tradition of family we would always eat food, not eggs or sausage for breakfast." After a long silence, Scadinav said " Hey I found a backpack and a makarov pm down by the market next to the church, just wondering if ya want to check it out." I replied as if I was pinched in the butt " Yes!" Scadinav replied " Well lets get going! " We got into a UAZ or whatever they called the car and drove over to the market and the secend we got there, it was like a fat guy running after a cake but the fat guy were the zombies and the cake was us. We ran into the market and looted the things before we finally got camp and started a little camp fire and strumed a couples of tunes of my favorite song, As we both dozed to sleep.

Day 4- This day was a blur, I woke up from the hangover of last night at our campfire, didn't write about the drinks ,tried to keep it a secret , and somewhat we were in a UAZ driving down to Cherno I think it was. We were by Zelenogorsk as I spotted a big blue car! It was a gift of the gods! My own car! It was a blue Gaz, It had a messed up left wheel so we went to fix that up as soon as we found one. The secend we went to a industrial building across town we found a spare wheel and a toolbox. When we were heading back to the Gaz to fix it up , Scandinav said " I didnt want to give you a heart attack but I found this for you, As he pulled out a m14 rifle! He told me "Only use this is desperate need as it is very loud and will probably attract the whole Chernarus!" I knew it was a joke as we grew very close over these days of our friendship. We finally fixed up the car and drove back to Sobor " Home sweet Home " I said as we finally saw the water town from the distance. Scandinav helped me set up a camp in front of his so we can finally have our each privacy. P.S. I found a bible today in the nearby church so I can also catch up on some reading.

Day 5- I woke up with a scream at the top of someones lung. I bursted out of bed and ran to where the scream came from. I had pulled out my makarov and was ready to shoot unroll I saw Scandinavia with two people with him aiming at their heads. It looks like they were bandits. So I went over there to him. It seems like they tried to rob us and he just defended us. So at the end we spared one of them. As the other tried to escape and we had to shoot him in the leg. It broke his legs as the zombies ended his life. Also the other one was allowed to be spared to zelenogorsk. A fer hours after that we were robbed by the same person. He came back and they took everything. It was a trajedy of the day! I felt like we can trust no one. We had to go to our camps that were hidden to resupply. Revenge is the key of everything....

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