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Permaban appeal

Guest Xaxi

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I only hacked 3 years ago on my own private server, haven't hacked since, and have NEVER hacked on DayZRP.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Im writing this ban appeal to remove the perma-ban that has resulted from accidentally logging in with a globally banned GUID. I want to first say that I have been a member of this communtity since around November and have had almost no problems with the rules and have only been temp banned once for a minor offense. Anyways, i came on today to play DayZRP when I accidentally logged in with an old Banned GUID which I dont use anymore. As I discussed with Rampage that GUID was banned 3 years ago for hacking. Yes I hacked...3 years ago on my own private server where I did not disturb anyone and played with my friends. Since then I have not hacked or done anything to jeapordize the saftey or playability of any community or server I have joined. As you can see, I have been a loyal and dedicated memberand have tried to contribute my foremost RP to this server. Let remind you, I HAVE NEVER HACKED ON DAYZRP. My old GUID was banned 3 years ago for hacking. I deeply regret hacking so long ago in the past and that is why I havent hacked since. Obviously I am not trying to hide the fact that at one point I did hack, I openly came and told Rampage because of the fact that I DONT hack anymore. Im a loyal and abiding member of this community and have tried to make it better. I didn't mean to log in with the old banned CD KEY/GUID and have only used one CD KEY during the entirety of my time on DayZRP.

Please, I beg of you. I have such a strong group of friends and love for this community and would never EVER do anything to jeapordize it. Im sorry and regret hacking so long ago in the past, but please take into consideration that I havent hacked since and wont again.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Removing of the Permaban with a 99% warning level.

What could you have done better?:

I shouldn't have hacked 3 years ago and shouldnt have hacked at all. Again I NEVER hacked on DayzRP

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  • Emerald

Well, we honor all global bans. you logged in with a globally banned account. The only way to get unbanned is contained in this thread.

This is the ONLY way to get unbanned from a Global ban.

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  • Emerald

You openly admitted to hacking which means BE will not be giving you a new key.

Keys are given to those who have had theirs stolen, and your's was not.

You are still welcome to try and see what they say, but I can guarantee that you will not be reimbursed a new key due to the nature of your ban.

Sorry Pal.


Will leave this open for the email but only post again if you get it from BE.

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You guys dont seem to understand, Im not trying to get my global ban undone. The key that I have used to play DayZRP and Arma for the past 3 years is fine and well and not banned. But 3 years ago I had a different key which I hacked on in my own private server where it was banned. Yesterday I logged in with the wrong key onto DayzRP and it kicked me for the global ban on that old key which is why i was permabanned. Im trying to get unbanned on DayZRP simply because I logged in with the wrong key. Let me remind you that I havent hacked for 3 years and have used the same key on dayZRP and arma for 3 years and have never been perma banned before

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  • Server Manager

I think we understand quite good. You used scripts in the past and got caught. We don't care on what server or with which cdkey / GUID. We honor all global bans and have 0 tolerance for scripting or attempts of it.

Since your GUID wasn't stolen and the global ban is legitimate as you confirmed it yourself in this thread, your ban will not be lifted, ever.

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