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Lighting fires without matches or lighter

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Describe the issue:

I can light fires without matches or a lighter.

Is the problem reproducible, ie can you re-create it on demand?

Yes so far at least.

Time, server and location of this occurring? Server 02. Tried at TP and out in the wilds.

How long have you had this problem?

Only been playing for a few days so im guessing it´s been there a while.

What have you done to fix this already?

I am reporting it now since i rememberd it yesterday that the report had not been sent to you yet. Also i am avoiding using it when playing so it´s only been tested for the purpose of filing a bug report.

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  • MVP

Not a bug, matches is only needed to create the fire :)

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  • Emerald

You only need matches to make a fire, not light one that has already been made.

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