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John Winters - One memory of many

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The chill of yesterdays rain still had it´s claws around him. It was now about 11 days since the last good bath and he had been in the same clothes now for about half that time. As he sat up and gazed out over the fields, he could more or less feel...nothing.

The beauty of the world was about as distant as the word peace was. No birds, no glistering flowers in the morning dew, no children playing and laughing. Just a scene as blank as any picture on any wall around the world that no one ever took notice to.

His mind began to wander back to the days when he would walk out in the wilds up north and just sit on the hilltops waiting for the sun to rise. He remembered the time when his daughter was about to turn one and he brought his homemade violin with him.

As the first warming rays of sunlight came up over the distance hilltops and turned night into morning, he played the viloins first ever tunes that echoed through the trees and forests like a soothing whisper of a long lost era, eyes closed and just imagined the treasure of his life infront of him as she gazed upon him for the first time ever with those emerald green eyes that knew nothing of the harsh and cold place she was now to be lost in.

He had not seen them now since the happening. Not since before all...this.

He had no pictures, no items or anything at all but the memories deep within his mind. Memories, and to always be there at what he called, her sunrise.

No one could ever take that away from him. Not even death.

He stood up and took one last look before turning to his pack and rolled up his blanket and made sure he was all good to go.

Happy birthday angel.

Daddy loves you.

The song played. Feel free to listen to it while reading.


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