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So What Vehicles are "Available" on this server?

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One thing I love about this game, is the diversity of vehicles it has.

Now, I've been playing on alot of servers, and all these servers seems to have different vehicles and whatnot for Cherno.

I was wondering, Is there a possibility for any of the guys who run the server to Post what Vehicles are on available on the server?

What Vehicles we could possible have the chanse of finding.

Sorta like the list we have in the Donation Shop on vehicles.

It would be nice to see what vehicles are out there, it will give me and others inspiration to go out vehicle hunting in all sorts of places.

I for one, is always on the consant hunt for the Camo-Ural or Offroad truck, but I'm not sure if its in the server. And that Camo Pickup in the Tradepost got me drooling abit.

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Military Offroad


Old Motorcycle (JAVA)

Offroad Pickup (HILUX)

Offroad Pickup (HILUX COVERED)

Old Hatchback

Pickup truck

S1203 VAN (Bettie/Hippie van)





Ural Civilian (Covered)

Ural Civilian (Flatbed)

V3S Civilian

AH-6X 'Littlebird'

An-2 (Bi-plane)


UH-1H Huey

Fishing Boat


These are all the vehicles I've seen on the server.

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