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Elusive Prey - The Exploits Of Harry Sterling

Guest John Blakeley

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Guest John Blakeley


Elusive Prey

Ukraine, 3 months before the outbreak

If I had known the Ukranian mob would be waiting for us outside the fucking airport, I might have rescheduled. But seeing as the fuckers are waiting in a parked Alfa Romeo, and no fucker decided to inform me, I can't do much about it. I mean, I can practically feel their fucking eyes on me. Talk about creepy. I'm too goddamn old for this, I really am. But we ran outta options a while back. We hop in our car, a stolen BMW and we exit the airport. The tension here is, well, fucking intense. I look behind us. Oh yes, they're following us. How fucking considerate of them. It looks like we're making new friends all over the block. I turn to the driver and tell him the plan. There's some abandoned industrial estates to our left, we'll go in there, stop the car, and jump em'. As we screech to a halt in the industrial estate, I can hear the crunch of gravel as the mob's car stops behind us. They're too fucking close. I fling open the door, drawing the Colt from it's holster and unloading a full mag into their windshield. The two others with me follow suit, pumping lead into those slimy bastard's faces. This is my way of dealing with anger. It usually works. We stop, pausing to reload, and we notice that nobody's shooting back at us. I turn to Dutch and shrug. I walk up to their car, peering through the window. There were four of them, and it seems the interior has a nice new red finish. I was expecting more of a fight, but I guess these .45s Yuri gave us as we departed from Bruges punch right through the windshield glass.

Our first 5 minutes in the Ukraine and we've already shot up the mob's car. A good start, and I'm fucking grateful we're not sticking around here for long. We get back in the BMW, and head out. There's money to be made where we're going, I just know it. A load of fucking money.

//This is the journal of Harry Sterling, I will update frequently. A warning, however : if you don't respond well to excessive amounts of swearing, don't read this.

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