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Cross Roads


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  • Emerald

An old car sits parked atop a cliff on the coast, a tent is pitched nearby and a fireplace is burning in front of it. A man stands at the edge of the cliff overlooking the coast.

"Another year." he says with a sigh. He tosses a small stone down the cliff face and it tumbled down leaving a noticeable dust trail. "Its hard to see where the future is going. I'm begining to hate all of these people, all they care about is possessions and none of the things they hold dear matter. they kill for them and dont think twice. Is it worth it?" He tosses another stone as far as it will fly.

"I am no hero." He looks over the edge of the cliff "I dont think the world would miss me when im gone. I couldnt save anyone. Almost everyone i know is dead--those who are alive are at thier wits end. Derek wanted to protect medics again, rallied us and disappeared. I'm no leader, im just a man. Good group of kids though...they will be fine. Protect the docs...just like we did back in the day. they will be fine. I'm not needed here anymore...i never was..." He moves to the hood of the car and sits down on top of it. The sun is setting and for an instant it makes him smile.

"I never thought id live this long. Nothing can kill me." He laughs a little bit, shakes his head and looks down at the dirt. "another year...Happy Birthday to me." He throws his last stone over the cliff before standing and moving to the trunk of the car. He opens it up and starts rummaging through the contents. He removes a remmington from the back and loads in a few shells. He Cocks the gun and it makes him smile.

"Fuck them all. Comply or Die." He leans the shotgun over his shoulder and walks back to the cliff. He over looks the city below before sighing deeply. "I'm not going to be so nice anymore. These people dont deserve it. Do as I say or else... Thats all they understand...thats all they will receive." He Fires a few shells into the air over the city "another year..."

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  • Emerald

Good little read Joe you gonna do more of these mate?

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  • Sapphire

Please tell me Siorres little brother the pacifist will be safe :(

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Guest johnygt7

Good read for how short it is. Nicely done.

You don't need a wall of text to make it look amazing ;).

Anyway, very good read indeed.

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