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Game freezing


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  • Sapphire

Question/Problem: The problem is my game keeps randomly freezing forcing me to manually shut down my computer.

Does this problem occur on other non-DayZRP or public DayZ/ArmA servers as well: Nope.

How long have you had this problem: Only happens to me after the 9pm GMT server restart.

What have you done to fix this already: Nothing I can think of will fix it.

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  • Legend

Everyone at the moment is suffering this problem myself included. It is mainly a issue with the desyn that is happening I believe and it should be fixed after the Restart.

I am sorry for the trouble that you have been having but this issue should be fixed once the new patch is out or once we find a solution for the desyn.

Please post issues on this thread here as i believe it is the same issue


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