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any group in need of a recon scout?

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Just got whitelisted and looking to join a group. Ive played dayz for a long time and even made it to a admin in a top server. i am really good at sneaking and finding bases in the middle of nowhere. If your group is looking for someone of my skills pm me and we can talk.

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  • Emerald

Might want to play as a lone wolf for a bit and get to know each group. In this community that is highly recommended so you get the feel for each.

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Guest Grumby

The majority of groups are looking for player's with at least around 2 months experience, which is unfortunate in your case. However take a look for one that doesn't and they may teach you the ropes, it makes things much easier at the start. :)

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Guest whitepointer

You just need to keep in mind with Grumbys post, that DayzRP is a much different ball game then regular DayZ. With that said, the only real experience you may have is in concern with PvP and map knowledge, yet lacking aspects that many clans like to look for, a good attitude about roleplay and the knowing of how things work here.

I suggest that you come in with an open mind, willing to learn new things and keep a good attitude. If so, you'll fit right it.

Welcome, and good luck.

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