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The Broken Wolf - Robert Smith


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  • Emerald

*Sitting in their usual place at their small makeshift camp, The Gray Fangs feel uneasy, although the night is as clear as soft water, the bitter chill of the brisk northern wind still finds a way through every gap in the men's clothes, frostbiting the exposed flesh with extreme discomfort.

A puny fire burns in the centre of the camp - barely protected from the wind by a few piddly stones surrounding the tiny ember that the fire seemed like in the forest.*

'Well, this fucking sucks don't it? I'm freezing my ass off over here!' Said one of the men, uneasily shifting on both his feet in a feeble attempt to stay warm.

'Well, what the actual fuck are we doing then?! We're just going to sit around and do sweet fuck all, until what? For what fucking reason?!' He complained - a lot of the men just remained where they were - the handful of men on watch keeping a suspicious eye on the surrounding forest, but feeling a pang of annoyance for the one who was complaining.

'Quit running your mouth mate, the bosses said to set down here for the night and get some fucking rest...I haven't had a moment's shut eye for the past three days...and you're the one who gets to complain?' Said Smith in his gritty British accent, disturbed from the few minutes slumber he had just managed to get in as he leaned against a nearby tree.

'Yeah, so what? So what if you-'

'So what?! SO WHAT?! There's been too many fucking close calls on several of the guy's lives recently - don't you think we'd rather keep our fucking own selves alive for once?!'

Yelled Smith, cutting off his fellow Fang - raising his voice for once.

The fellow Fang sat down, and stopped complaining - just grumbled quietly to himself.

'He isn't wrong...' Said the tall, Australian Ex-Military 'Superman' that the group known as Reacher - the -seemingly- fearless leader of The Gray Fangs.

'You guys deserve a break, for a few days at the very least, we've done enough this week - same with the last.' Said Reacher to the group. Everyone acknowledging with a small smile or a nod.

Reacher then called the rest of the group over to the fire. More twigs were piled on to the puny fireplace until the flame grew enough to provide heat for the twenty-odd or so men of The Gray Fangs encircled the small fireplace. A few drinks were passed around to warm the men's spirits as they sat around the fireplace, quietly chatting to one another.

Suddenly, Smith cleared his through and announced; 'Lads, I've something to say'. This statement troubled a few of the men, but they all looked up at the twenty-seven year old marine.

'No lads, I'm not going to admit any bullshit lie or whatever - I'm not like that. You'd be able to tell when I'm lying...'

'The thing is, I was and still am a broken husk of the man I once was, a battered, confused and delirious and I still am to some extent...The shit you see now, it's enough to break a man into six...But, what we're doing, what we've done...we bring a tiny glimmer of hope into a few men's eyes, a sense of humanity, pride and dignity - we go forth into a land riddled with danger, despair and death - like a breath from the Earth we face down horrors so many others shall not see them as time passes.'

'We do what we can, what is necessary to bring order, take corrupt men to justice with the bullet being the cure. We represent part of a minority; of what humanity once was, what we should aspire to be...Better to fight another day rather than damn tomorrow...'

'I've been working on a small poem for a while lads, it ain't much, but fuck it here goes.'

'Look at your fellow men - look around,

Dare not seeth what is beneath the ground,

The Old World is Dead and Gone,

But changing ourselves is surely wrong,'

'We once were proud, strong and true,

But now - look at what we've been reduced to,

Liars and thieves, bastards galore,

They shall not know the great Lord's shore,'

'We watch and see,

What some should be,

Others be off,

delirious and wrong,'

'We now shall do what is straight and true,

Following code - laws and too,

We shall not be seen, but will be heard,

The Gray Fangs howls, good and spurred'

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  • Emerald

Good work mate, I always love to read about FANGS ;-P

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