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Black screen when starting game Help!


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  • Emerald

I´ve got a problem. I recently bought STALKER and when i start the game my screen become black and shows me "cannot display this video mode change computer display to [email protected] to display". The game works in the background ´cause I can listen to the sound. I had the same problem in ARMA 3. Can anyone help me fix this cause ive searched google and never found a clear awnser

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  • Emerald

I got this when trying to change monitor.

Try alt+entering? Any way to launch as windowed mode either?

ive got into steam and then selected stalker and got into prioritys and changed launch options to '-windowd' and didnt help.

When i launch the game and get stuck in the black screen i cant get out of it except if i press the shut down button of my coputer and quickly cancel it out after it asks permission to stop steam.

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  • Emerald

Try setting the resolution either higher or lower if that don't work as one person said alt - enter I believe I had this issue just can't remember what I did to fix it.

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Try changing your resolution and refresh rate in the user.ltx file. Its usually in C:\Users\Public\Documents\stalker just open up user.ltx with notepad and find rs_refresh_60hz and set it to 'on' then find the line that says vid_mode and set that to whatever resolution you want, so for example vid_mode 1920x1080.

Hopefully that works, but if it doesn't it may be a driver issue and you could try reinstalling or updating your video drivers

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