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Dennis Smith comes back

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Backround Before apocalypse: He grew up being in New York City with a poor family. His father left him when he was 8. Since that time Dennis has been living on the streets. He knows all the little tricks to keep warm, find food, etc. One day he hopped onto a cargo shipped and agreed to stay where ever it landed.It first went to alabama, where he stayed for a few years and picked up an accent. Troubles arised though becuase of him getting into a fight. He once again hopped on a cargo ship, making the promise he once did before. This ship had landed in chernarus, but he was unlucky because the outbreak had already started.

Backround year of the apocalypse: After surviving on his own for a while he met Willy, a fellow hobo and a few others that where led by Willy. He joined the group and lived peacefully. He helped out with getting supplies and keeping things in order. One day on a supply run, a group of bandits came and robbed him. When they were done taking his supplies he was shot in the head by one of the bandits. Left to die, a doctor found him. He was still alive, but barely. The doctor, which Dennis never got the name of, took him to a cabin where he performed surgery to save his life. The doctor managed to save him, but not without any penalties. Dennis suffered severe amnesia, forgetting everything that he lived though and even his name. The doctor told him about the "walkers' and some thing needed to survive. The doctor left him behind one day and never came back. After the supplies in the cabin ran out, Dennis headed back out into the unknown.

Extra info: While playing as this character Dennis will start to remember things slowly, and will happen faster if he meets people he used to know.

Please tell me what you guys think and give suggestions.

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