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Kicked from game (Battleye failed to update)

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when ever i have been trying to get on to the server today i keep getting kicked and this message pops up,

"Kicked from game (Battleye failed to update)"

I bought the BAF Dlc for Arma 2 earlier today, this is the first time this has happened, someone please help

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  • Emerald

Battleye should automaticaly update.

Do what Jerry said and if it fails you should do a full reinstall of Arma 2 and DLC.

If you want to avoid that, try getting into the lobby and waiting for a few minutes. (Don't touch that OK button!) If you have a slow connection then this may solve the problem by BE updating while you are in the lobby.

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  • Server Manager

When BattlEye releases an update all clients and servers have to update, this overloads the BattlEye servers and the master server sometimes goes down, like yesterday:

20:33:15 : Could not connect to BE Master
20:33:15 : Update attempt failed
20:35:12 : Could not connect to BE Master (2)
20:35:12 : Update attempt failed
20:37:08 : Could not connect to BE Master (3)
20:37:08 : Update attempt failed

When 10 tries have gone and the client or server still haven't updated they will be kicked from the game.

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