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Hi everyone!

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone and give a little bit about myself. My name (handle) is Divinum. I am sixteen years old (I know i am young) and i have been gaming since I was around 5. I started playing DayZ in early 2013 when it was still a very skeleton like game and it has become a mainstay in my overall gaming experience these last couple years. I have been role playing for around 4 years now on several games from several different genre's and I hope DayZRP is another great role playing experience!

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You should seen it in mid-2012 :D

But welcome! Enjoy your stay

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Hey welcome to the community

have fun on the servers :)

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Guest JMS

Welcome man.

My name is James leader of the James team. Welcoming you very much. ;)

If you need anything feel free to send me a PM and read my signature for rules link

Good luck have fun

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