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Semper Fi; Joshua Taylor's Sonnet [Harsh Language and Graphic Writing]

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An Earth-shaking boom rattled what was left of the window panes of the small town barn, knocking free flakes from the already shredded plaster walls. The crackling of gun fire, punctuated only by the occasional blast from a tank's 40mm shells, had been going for hours on end and showed no signs of stopping. This isn't what he had signed up for... He was sent out here for a 'simple civilian uprising', and yet, the dead won't stay dead, and he just witnessed one of his own men be ripped apart and consumed in a matter of minutes by a pack of children... What in the hell was this shit? Whatever it was, it sure as hell wasn't human, and it sure as hell wasn't going to take him without a fight. Adjusting his scope, Joshua dialed in on what appeared to be an elderly man in his late nineties sprinting after a scrawny marine, firing blindly over his shoulder as he sprinted towards a forest. With a small gasp of breath, followed by a deep exhale, he pulled the trigger, sending a .50 caliber bullet down range and through the sprinting zombie's skull in a glorious spray of pink and red chunks.

"Two-hundred and seventy-four..." Joshua mumbles to himself as he scratches yet another tally mark in the barn wall with his KA-BAR knife. Hundreds of shell casings at his feet clinked together and rolled around as he shifted, sending some into the hay-littered floor far below. Just glancing at the wall, one would think a bear was trapped up in the loft, and attempted to claw it's way out. Either way, he had to keep going, even if it meant spilling enough blood to drown all of Chernaurus, he had to keep killing...


"Let me see your hands! Who are you?" Joshua's echoing voice commanded of the man infront of him. He'd been alone on this dirt road for hours, no sign of life, not even zombies-- though out comes this man from the brush, as though he were waiting for him. The burly Ukrainian man slowly releases his rifle, the sling about his neck causing it to bounce atop his massive chest as his hands creep towards the sky, "There, comrade... You see my hands. I am Vladimir. And who might you be?" He asks tipping his head slightly to the left.

Joshua slowly lowers his gun, "Staff Sergeant Joshua Taylor, United States Marine Corps, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion... Though not much is left of it anymore."

"Ahhh, United States Military, eh? Very interesting..." He replies through his thick Ukrainian accent. "I was heading to the Trading Post just up the road, would you like to join me?"

The man seemed genuine... Though it was tough to judge a man simply by slick he was with his tongue. He simply dipped his head in response and gave his Saiga 12K a reassuring grip.

It took mere minutes to continue walking up the road and arrive on the fortified hamlet. The tallest building was a mere two stories, with armed guards on each of the walls, and roofs. As the unlikely duo approached the gates, they were quickly met with pointed guns, and gruff voices. "What's your name, and what's your business?"

"Joshua Taylor, and simply to trade." Joshua replied as the men nodded.

"Feel free. Though watch yourself, and don't go causing any trouble." The guard replied in a dangerous tone. Joshua decided it was best if he simply walked in, as it was. Upon entering, Joshua immediately knew why this was considered the safest place in Chernaurus; everyone had a gun. The guards were equipped with snipers, others with LMGs. It was hard not to turn a corner without a seemingly large weapon being waved in your face. Though despite the large amounts of ass-holes and douchebags that resided within the walls, he could already find himself considering it his home. A temporary, yet peaceful home. Everything was changing around him, not two weeks ago he was standing on a seemingly normal plane flight, not knowing it was giving him a first class ticket straight into hell itself...

Things were about to get a hell of a lot worse.

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Yeah man, oddly enough we have the same first names for our characters. Lol, hope to see you in game man.

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Update; Added chapter one-- Joshua's first experience with the Chernaurus populace Post-Infection.

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