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The end of Andrew

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*You spot a man running through a forest with bullets and angry men chasing said man*

I ran. I ran for my live. The sweat covering my face and the warm blood from a wound slowly making its way down my leg. The sound is horrible. Bullets hitting the trees around me the shouting of the men vaguely in between the loud shots and then suddenly i stop and trip over a tree root sticking out of the ground. I look behind me scared saying one last prayer..Hearing one last shot and then...Black i no longer feel the pain. I no longer feel the warm blood dripping down my leg. Just empty blackness in a cold bed of leafes. This is the end. The last station. I did what i could and i failed. I am rejoining my family...

*You watch the chasers take the body's possesions and you see them putting it next to a tree. When you investigate the body you find an ID saying Andrew Bakersson*

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