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Question about player settlements

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So not sure if some one asked this already but here we go:

What if i as a b-17 member would be in a player settlement

and one of the CR groups is allies with us. And at that moment another group decides to attack the settlement. Does that mean that we as b-17 could kill the attackers on sight? Or do we have to re-iniate on the attackers? Or do we have to leave the settlement in such a case?

Just curious about this because i think that it wasnt posted yet by some one.

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As for now there is no actual settlements in servers so no one has CR rights atm (besides CTC in TP).

If and when those are added and you and your group are inside said settlement while it gets initiated on, you have normal rights to defend your self or comply as during any initiation.

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Guest JMS

Depends on the situation.

If your inside the camp and it gets raided then the attackers have initiated on your group also so you can shoot.

If your a CR and the camp gets raided you can shoot.

If your an ally but not a CR and you were NOT in the camp when the attack started then yes you would have to re initiate on the attacker and they would also have to initiate on you.

Hope this helped

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Yes its more clear now thank you for the help ^^

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Answer: Refer to this post for the answer.

A note I will add myself if just think of KOS rights, they're the same with a settlement. If you're there in the camp and it gets initiated on, it is the same as if you're getting robbed in stary.

Read up on this section of the rules to help you get a better understanding.

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