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Guest renen2001

Dave Wiberg's Journal

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Guest renen2001

Day 1


//OOC Hello everyone. This is going to be my Journal, there I will talk about stuff that have happen to me. I don’t think anyone will read, but if you do, please leave some feedback, of what I do good, and what I can do better, and also ask questions if you want to.


I woke up near the TP this quiet night and decided to go and sell some gear, team up with people, or just have a nice talk (even if I’m not the most social guy…).

So when I got there I walked around a bit, sat down at the fire with 2 outer guys, and listened to them as they talked about “The Council”, and how to stop them. After some time it got boring so I decided to take a walk around the Trade Post to see if something interesting was happening.

But the night continued to be quiet, and nothing happened until a guy needed some blood. And when a good gentleman walked to his truck to get it, he said that three blood bags were gone…from his truck, so he started to ask around after who took them. (I don’t remember the following so good, but I will try my best to remember).

And after some time I said that I could give a blood bag to someone, because I had some on me, they directly started to question me about if it was me that was the thief, and they even said that I had been strange under the night. But all I had done was sitting quiet at the fire, and walked around a bit. I said that I found mine in Stary Sabor a couple of days ago, but then they started to talk about text on the bags that could tell where they came from, but they said that they couldn’t tell that it was the thief, because of the lack of evidence.

Later they were going on my normal loot-run to Balota, and Cherno. I asked if I could follow, but they said no. I was a bit sad, but I decided to run down that way anyway, to get some better gear. ___

I started to run, and I got there before them. I didn’t find anything, and when they came I had a bit of a talk with them, and then I was on my way to Cherno. Around half the way to Cherno I decided to take a nap up in the woods.

Day 2

Today I woke up outside Stary Sabor, and decided to take some gear over in the town. So I took everything I could, but when I was at the Super market I heard some gunshots… I got a bit scared, and after some time I decided to see who it was, so I started to run up the hill, towards the Trade Post. And suddenly, I saw a truck on the hill. I got scared (as always) and decided to jump down at the ground and hide. First it worked, but after some time they saw me... First I thought this would be my last moment, that they would robe me, or something like that, but they just talked to me, and asked who I was.

Then they asked if I could get to the truck they owned, but I thought it sounded a bit…like they would robe me, so I said that I wasn’t interested, and that I would be on my way, and to my surprise they let me go.

When I ran away I suspected that they would tell me to drop my weapons and get my hands on my head, but I was lucky and it didn’t happen. I saw some of them follow me for some short time, but they did not go too far away from the truck, and soon they walked back.

Later that day I wanted to get a better gun from the NW airfield, so I started my run, and got there fast. I was able to find an AK74M, and some outer stuff.

When I ran back to the TP, I took out my compass, and started to run, but after some time I saw a car so I tried to hide, but they saw me, but for some reason didn’t stop...

Sometime after that I had ran for almost 20 min, and I thought it was strange that I didn’t find the Trade post, and that I didn’t know the terrain. But I decided to keep heading south, and after some time, I found a cow… I was hungry, and decided to kill it, and just when I took out my knife, to start cut up its body in to some parts, I saw a guy running on the field.

So I ran down to him, and asked where I was. He said that I was close to Balota, and that he was going to the TP. I said that I would like to follow him, and I did. Without him I would probably run around all the way to Cherno, and probably get killed, so I will make sure to thank him for that latter.

Day 3

It started with that I woke up in land, but had no idea where I was, all my stuff was gone, so I guess a couple of bandits chloroformed me, took my stuff, and left me in the wild…, but I am not sure.

I walked around for a bit, but soon I heard a car, so I shouted “Stop please, I need help!”. And to my luck he stopped.

He was a part of the Free Medic Defense Squad, and gave me a ride from town to town, so I could get some good stuff. After some time we found a dead body in one of the towns…I could see the blood all over him, and then we took some stuff, just to get some better gear. Not long after that we found a buss on the middle of the road, so we looked inside it. I found a gun, and it felt good. The wheels to the buss were broken, so we continued our driving.

We were on our way to some town near the airfield, to save 7 guys from zeds. We came and got them all out of there, and one guy passed out every min, but we were still good in general. But if it is something I have learned about good stuff, that it just gets worse…

After some time we crashed our ambulance, and the outer car had to keep moving the sick people, so we was stuck in some town… We lighted up a fire, and talked about our life in the apocalypse, and what we did before it.

After some time a guy wanted to go to Stary Sabor, for medical stuff, so we could heal the guys that was with us. We killed some goats, some cows, and as always some zombies.

When the car came back, me and two outer guys was left behind, so we took the time to kill more stuff. But shortly after the car came once more and took us all away from there. On the way to a camp, I got sick and started lose loads of blood. But the gentleman who picked me up earlier helped me.

Day 4

Today I woke up at the coast, near Electro, so I sneaked in to the town, and found a dead body, and as the scavenger I am, I took all his stuff, and decided to head for the fire station. When I got there shortly after, I took loads of stuff, backpacks, guns, and some ammo to my new gun. I walked around in the town, from building to building. I found some stuff in the market, some outer stuff in the bar, but when I got to the office, I heard someone shout “Hello, are you friendly!?” I said that I was. And I walked up to the guy, he said that he was stuck because of all the zombies. But we sneaked out nice and quietly. When we were sneaking to the hospital, a zed noticed us… I shouted “RUN!”, and so we did, we took cover in the hospital, and talked about our plans, we decided to head over to Stary Sabor, and so we did.

When we got to a town, we saw some Zeds, one noticed us and started to run… We shoot it down, but soon more zombies were coming… We shoot, ran, slashed, ran shoot, slashed, until they all were down. We talked about our times before the apocalypse, and I found out that he was from the US.

Later when we had looted Stary, and ran over the hill, away from some Zeds, we nearly died, until a band of guys came over with a car and killed all the zombies. We talked with them, and after some short time I asked if they were CLF, and they said they were. They started to ask if we were terrorists, and if we were from the US. I decided to lie and said that my friend was German. Because I knew what would happen if they knew about his real identity. I talked with another one of them, and it turned out that he also was a Swedish guy, so we started to talk on Swedish, but they forced us to speak Swedish. After some time we were allowed to go, so we ran to the Trade Post. I still don’t know what a Swedish guy does in CLF…

Day 5

I was in Cherno, and decided to run to Balota airfield. After some time I saw 3 cars… So I decided to check them out. When I hot there I first didn’t hear or see someone, so I decided to look inside, but when I looked in to the car, I heard a voice, so I tried to sneak out, but that wasn’t easy. They saw me and asked what I did here, I said that I just wanted to check the cars, and they didn’t do so much more. Then I saw a guy crawling up the hill, I don’t remember the name of him, but he said that the people that I was with crashed the bones in his legs, and made him there pet, and that I should run away while I still could… I thought he was a bit…strange, so I decided to not do as he said. The people I just meet asked if I believed him, and then I just remember darkness…

I think they used some chloroformed me from the back, because I don’t remember anything else.

I remember that I woke up, and that one of them asked for my name, and I decided to play it safe, so I didn’t tell my last name. After some time they took me and him to the Russian border. And they said that I was going to watch the show. I sat there for some time, but it was like ages for me. They called the outer guy, (that crawled up the hill) for a pet, and they said that he didn’t look so happy, and that they wanted to wash him… One guy whispered that I would be okay, just if I took it easy.

After some more time they thought I had done mine, so they decided to give me a lift to Balota. I am not sure why, but I am happy for that. On the way there the driver explained everything, and he was quite nice actually. I got a rifle from the car, so it can help to try to steal cars sometimes… And after that I headed to the Control Tower, and then I took to the woods and had a long night sleep.

Day 6

Today I woke up outside Balota Airfield, I took the gear, and headed for cherno, and then for the trade post, when I was in a barn, close to the road there, I heard a heli, I walked out and looked for the skies, and then I heard a big BOOM! It came from the trade post and I started to run towards it… Then I head: BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!! And more chopper sounds…

When I got up the hill I tried to hide in the trees and see what was happening. I saw a Council helicopter, and saw it shoot at the trade post… I don’t think I could have shot it down, because I only got an AK74U…

After 5 min it headed NW, and then I didn’t see it any more…

Day ?, flashback 1.

It was around 2-3 months ago, when I got to Prud Lake, I saw some guys that was all bloody, and dead… I didn’t know if I knew them or not, but one of them had my friends ID on him, so I knew my friend was killed. First I was sad, and then…angry…. I started to ask around who did it, and then some guys wanted to burn the bodies… I defended them and didn’t let them get to them. They tried everything. They even wanted to drive them over with a tractor…

Later some TFW guys said that SDS would stack Prud, so me, Daniel Luash, and someone else I don’t remember the name of, ran out into the wild. We saw a fire, so we decided to sneak up, and see what it was about, when a guy came running over the field, saying that the guys at the fire robed him, and killed his friend…So we decided to keep on running, away from there.

We got around 1km, when we saw a truck in the trees. We took it and took a drive over to the airfield, and then we took a good night sleep.

//OOC This post is not finished.

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