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Marooned ?

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A veteran crew member on a trans continent cargo and container ships.

A month in on our routine voyage, around 19:00 the waters start to pick up.

We had reports of a pretty bad storm brewing, not that we hadn't seen our fair share, just another shaky night for us, But it wasn't just the storm that left me washed up here.

Anyway I heard from gossip that a Yacht had taken damage during the storm, and a rescue chopper had been sent out. I don't know all the details but, problems arose, and because of the storm the pilot needed to land somewhere fast. They were too far from land and our vessel was the closest thing to be called help.

The chopper came and managed to land safely, our crew rushed to help anyway we could. I was told to get to the infirmary and help Doc set up. Three seriously injured people from the yacht were pulled off the chopper and two members of the rescue crew had open wounds.

Blood gushing everywhere.

Hours go by, and I know Doc is doing everything he could. Two of the Yacht passengers don't make it, the Third barely conscious. The chopper crew were patched up and in the kitchens after screaming nonsense at me and the Doc, about people eating people, we couldn't get a coherent sentence from them though, we just presumed it was from shock. Then the alarms go off.

I ran back top side, people are rushing about running in panic,

I heard gun shots from the bridge. I rushed through, passing the kitchens on the way, I stopped. shocked. I couldn't move or talk or scream. The entire kitchen hall, was covered in blood the walls, floor, ceiling, like something out of a horror film, bodies covered the tables and there they were, the two from the helicopter crew ripping limbs and guts from a body, I had no idea who's I couldn't tell through the blood covering them. One looked up at me, and just stared right through me with dead white eyes, he started to move towards me. I rushed back down to the infirmary, in a blind panic, stumbling and tripping down everything possible.

I got down just in time to hear the screams. I looked through the port hole on the door and saw the three from the yacht dig into Doc. A hand grabbed my shoulder, I swung around to see Eric one arm ripped off his jaw hanging from his face his eyes rolled right back and covered in blood, he came at me. I.. I grabbed the nearest thing I could, a fire extinguisher from the wall and just swung at him, but he just kept coming like it was nothing, so I swung again and again then I hit him in the head he finally went down, but I look up to see the corridor full of my crew, deformed, scarred, bleeding, coming to me.

I ran back up to the deck, there were people trying to launch lifeboats into the stormy seas but I didn't care about that right now, I just wanted to get off of this ship! I dived into the closest boat as it was dropping into the ocean. There were six of us in this little lifeboat trying not to capsize, 30ft waves were the last things I can remember from that night.

Now I wake up here on the shore. I have no idea what all that was whether it really happened or not or if anyone from the ship survived.

All I know is I'm alive, but...

Where am I?

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