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New Beginnings [The hunt for lost friends]

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I am new to the DayZRP server and thought I should share my first time on the server, and while it is nothing amazing, I thought I should share it with you all.

I woke up on green mountain and shortly found myself a Remington shotgun. I wasn't sure which direction was north or south, but I followed my gut feeling and went the direction I thought to be south.

I found a town and went to go loot it when a ton of zombies found me. I ran into a church and had to bandage as one of them had been able to actually attack me. Whilst I was shooting the zombies with my Remington a group of 6 guys came in when I only had 1 bullet left, they said they were friendly and killed all of the zombies for me.

More came though so we headed up to green mountain to try to lose them, but we failed. I got attacked by the zombies alot and was severely injured. Then we got so many zombies on us we all got split up. I was fairly positive these guys were low on ammo since they seemed not to wanna shoot any of them. I found one of the group members and we stuck together. He didn't know where the rest of the group went and started shooting in the air hoping they would come towards us, but they didn't. Before the group got split up they had said they were trying to go towards the trader post, so me and my new friend decided to head there.

I was badly injured and neither of us had any food, we needed to get to safety and we needed help from others, especially since there was no supermarket or hospital nearby. We headed to the trader outpost to find the others and get help. We got there, and it looked quite cool (this was my first time at the trader post). We didn't see our friends there, so we went and found a doctor and asked him if he'd seen them. Sadly, he said no but he did give me a bloodbag.

My new friend who got me there went off to another part of the trader post and told me where he'd be if I needed him, then I found a group of about 5 guys sitting around a campfire telling stories of what had happened to them in the apocalypse and asked if any of them had food, and lucky for me, one of them had some cooked meat I could have.

I know this isn't amazing, but like I said, I thought I should share what happened my first time on the server. Hope you enjoyed!

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