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Guest renen2001

Dave Wiberg's Journal, Day 4: New Friends

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Guest renen2001

Today I woke up at the coast, near Electro, so I sneaked in to the town, and found a dead body, and as the scavenger I am, I took all his stuff, and decided to head for the fire station. When I got there shortly after, I took loads of stuff, backpacks, guns, and some ammo to my new gun. I walked around in the town, from building to building. I found some stuff in the market, some outer stuff in the bar, but when I got to the office, I heard someone shout “Hello, are you friendly!?”

I said that I was, and walked up to him, he said that he was stuck because of all the zombies. But we sneaked out nice and quietly. When we was sneaking to the hospital, a zed noticed us… I shouted “RUN!”, and so we did, we took cover in the hospital, and talked about our plans, we decided to head over to Stary Sabor, and so we did. ___

When we got to a town, we saw some Zeds, one noticed us and started to run… We shoot it down, but soon more zombies were coming… We shoot, ran, slashed, ran shoot, slashed, until they all were down.

We talked about our times before the apocalypse, and I found out that he was from the US.

Later when we had looted Stary, and ran over the hill, away from some Zeds, we nearly died, until a band of guys came over with a car and killed all the zombies. We talked with them, and after some short time they started to ask if we were terrorists, and if we were from the US. I decided to lie and said that my friend was German. Because I knew what would happen if they knew about his real identity. I talked with another one of them, and it turned out that he also was a Swedish guy, so we started to talk on Swedish, but they forced us to speak Swedish. After some time we were allowed to go, so we ran to the Trade Post.

//OOC I know that people don’t reply so much, and that you guys don’t rely like it that much, but please, reply and tell what I do good and what I need to better, come with Tips and Tricks if you want to.

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