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Last name and radio added to FAQ?

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Joined in, and did not realize that I needed my full first and last name. I have been whitelisted so I understand the rules. The main point behind this, it'll probably help any new player hiccups like the one I'm have come cross. Mainly a kick that caused me to jump into the admin help desk to get everything cleared up.

My next topic is about radios, it'd be nice to see something mentioned in the FAQ that radios can be used for in character chat on teamspeak, I know that it is assumed but it's just one of those things that will help ease any confused due to just being a F.N.G.

That's my two cents, hope its worth something.

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Guest JMS

Perhaps it should be added. But it something learnt as you go along I suppose. I learnt about Radios and things from my friends who basically taught me everything I needed to know about RP :P

Limited and Corks

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It can easily be added; however it does mention "Meta-gaming" in the rules section. I suppose it isn't purely based on radios. So maybe adding something to the FAQ would be beneficial.

Edit: Mentioned this to the CH team and asked them if they could create a good Question & Answer.

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Noted, thank you for the suggestion.

Q: Why was I kicked for my characters name?

A: Your IG name must have the following

1. First name/Last Name.

2. Not be associated with famous people. (EX: Bruce Wayne)

3. Must follow proper RP Conduct and appropriate.


Q: What is a radio and how do I use it?

A: The radio is a cosmetic starting item in the DayZRP mod. Due to restrictions set in place by ArmA, you cannot use the radio as an actual means of communication. However if you have a radio, it allows you to speak in an In-Character manner over VOIP (such as Teamspeak 3, Skype etc.) If you lose your radio, you cannot speak In-Character "over your radio" as this would be classed as meta-gaming.


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