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Papa Emeritus II

Vladislav Kyznetsov - Background story

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This is a work in progress and I will update it asap.

Name: Vladislav Kyznetsov (I’ve got my new name from a very unclear satanic priest named Papa Emeritus II a while back)

Age: 26-29

Birth Location: Sweden, Stockholm.

Height: 182cm.

Weight: 80kg.

Hair: Blonde.

Eyes: Blue.

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Carpenter/DWB

I was working as usual in the joinery back in Sweden when shit hit the fan.

From nowhere the news was filled with reportage from Chernarus, some sort of outbreak.

It didn’t take more than 20 minutes after the first reportage and my phone rang and I was told by my command in DWB (Doctors without borders) to pack my bag, we’re going to Chernarus!

I have been working as a Medecins Sabs Frontières for about 5 years.

I did a very short career in the Foreign French Legion, but it didn’t end up to well after I accidentally injected a tad to much analgesics in my General after he twisted his ankle.

I thought it was weird to inject about 350ml directly into the bloodstream, but that’s what the leaflet said.

Apparently, there was a printer’s error in the leaflet, (the correct amount was 3-5ml) and after about 13 full syringes his heart stopped beating.

He died.

I was fired on the spot and was sent back home.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t only a tad to much…

I have been here in Chernarus now for X years, mainly trying to figure out a cure for the infection, unfortunately it’s to late. There is nothing we can do since the entire population is basically already dead.

All we can do now is try to survive whatever the future has for us.

Walking around with a bunch of other ex. DWB’s is sure interesting, no one in my group has any so called combat skills, and unfortunately, it’s really something you should have these days. And most of them found the interest of what we were carrying with us, the drugs. (I might be partially within the same range as the others, but at least I realize that I’m going to die if I stay with them)

Therefore I have come to the conclusion that I must move on to survive.

I can’t walk around with care-bear-junkies and hope we won’t bump into these freaking bandits.

Now, I’m 26 or 29, or something in between years old (I’m not really sure since I have no idea what date or year it is. And I have to say, that having a almost unlimited stock of Ketobemidone is not making my memory any better…)

I have met lots of friends during my time in Chernarus and most of my friends are in the group called CLF. That’s why the most natural choice of group is CLF.

I know every single guy/woman in there and I would put my life in any of those hands.

Also, I would without a doubt take a bullet for any of them.

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Is this the character you're gonna be playing when you have time? So for example, are you going to join a clan that suits your character, or you going to change your character to suit a clan e.g SDS?

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Time will tell :D

In b4 Legion

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