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Guest renen2001

Dave Wiberg's Journal, Day 2: I'm lost...

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Guest renen2001

Today I woke up outside Stary Sabor, and decided to take some gear over in the town. So I took everything I could, but when I was at the Super market I heard some gunshots…

I got a bit scared, and after some time I decided to see who it was, so I started to run up the hill, towards the Trade Post. And suddenly, I saw a truck on the hill. I got scared (as always) and decided to jump down at the ground and hide. First it worked, but after some time they saw me... First I thought this would be my last moment, that they would robe me, or something like that, but they just talked to me, and asked who I was.

Then they asked if I could get to the truck they owned, but I thought it sounded a bit…like they would robe me, so I said that I wasn’t interested, and that I would be on my way, and to my surprise they let me go.

When I ran away I suspected that they would tell me to drop my weapons and get my hands on my head, but I was lucky and it didn’t happen. I saw some of them follow me for some short time, but they did not go too far away from the truck, and soon they walked back.

Later that day I wanted to get a better gun from the NW airfield, so I started my run, and got there fast. I was able to find an AK74M, and some outer stuff.

When I ran back to the TP, I took out my compass, and started to run, but after some time I saw a car so I tried to hide, but they saw me, but for some reason didn’t stop...

Sometime after that I had ran for almost 20 min, and I thought it was strange that I didn’t find the Trade post, and that I didn’t know the terrain. But I decided to keep heading south, and after some time, I found a cow… I was hungry, and decided to kill it, and just when I took out my knife, to start cut up its body in to some parts, I saw a guy running on the field.

So I ran down to him, and asked where I was. He said that I was close to Balota, and that he was going to the TP. I said that I would like to follow him, and I did. Without him I would probably run around all the way to Cherno, and probably get killed, so I will make sure to thank him for that latter.

//OOC thanks for reading! If you want, please leave a reply, to tell me what I can do better, and what I do good, and just what you think about this series.

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