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A mid life crisis in hell: The Journal of Ian Mcleanen

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//This is a side character I have been working on as part of my "summer of roleplay"

[align=left]Day 1

Well yesterday was pretty hectic, I was sitting in my office starring at some report about some shitty sitcom on my network, when I froze. I began feeling claustrophobic a little bit like a panic attack but on a whole different scale. I suddenly had the urge to explore, to break free of the chains that were the daily life of a CEO.

You see I'm not your every day business professional. I'm the CEO of SBC (Sydney Broadcasting Center), the major network behind hit classics like "Are you smarter then a kangaroo" and "the harbor". Life has been great for me up to this point. I had a private jet, a huge house on the coast and as much money as Donald Trump.

When this "Panic Attack" started, I called my doctor, he told me that I should take a little time off, take a vacation somewhere foreign. His suggestion was to backpack across this little territory in eastern Europe called "Chernarus".

[align=left]Day 4

Well I've landed in Chernarus, it's a little colder then my home town of Sydney but not too bad. All I brought with me was a hiking backpack with some basic survival gear, 900 dollars in Euro's and my satellite phone with an extra pair of batteries.

I landed in this little fishing village named Balota, The people that I have met so far are very simple if not a little on edge, sadly I don't speak the native tongue so I am having a little trouble finding a place to sleep for the night.

[align=left]Day 10

Well this sucks. What I thought would be a fun little backpacking trip turned into a nightmare when it started to rain on the 3rd day. By that time I had made my way north to a little castle and set up a small camp sight in the woods.To make things worse, my satellite phone got wet and I can't call anyone. Over all I think I would have been better off going on vacation in Vegas like a normal Billionaire CEO.

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Guest johnygt7

Inb4 day 11 "Crazy villager tried to eat my brain" :troll: hehe.

Nice one henning :D i wanna see what will happen next!! :P

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