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Ripples In The Water - Erik's Journal

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*The Regiment are on a morning supply run in Dubrovka, Erik walks through the back of an old house with his weapon raised. He strides with uncertainty up the stairs of the house. Iring through the rooms he finds an Old empty handbook on the Davenport in one of the bedrooms. The Captain calls for the rendezvous, Erik promptly puts the handbook in the side pocket of is Pack and scuttles back downstairs.*

Author's Notes

I found this Old empty diary in Дубровка yesterday on a Supply run, I don't know who may find it and if so bother to read it, in-fact it may go straight on the fire but, here is another camp fire story I guess.

This Diary will contain the accounts of the days that have gone by in this wasteland, I will come here to weep and embed my anger and seal it on ragged pieces of paper, judge my tensions on the edge of handwriting and learn from my mistakes.

In here you will find my intentions and if your sanity is in shape you shouldn't hesitate to shiver or shake.

Maybe by the time you've finished you can imagine the tone of my voice or I may finish on day two. However, contemplate, reiterate or incinerate, this is my life and the pain I will and have to take.



[align=left]Whispers in the Mist 06/14/2014

I wake to the back and forth motion of Felix's hand, 'wake up Lieutenant, take two men and give me a reconnaissance report on Novy Sobor!' I sighed like a child and came out of my tent, I shouted for a Cpl. Thomas and told him wake up Pvt. Comhaill and to get geared up as we were heading out. Leaving the camp we would walk through the woods. The Corporal mourned for his bride to be and told us of tales of how it could of been, we patted him on the back and gave him a deceitful comment about hope, he wanted to believe it but he knew it was a lie, he knew well enough not to go chasing shadows. Giving effortless gestures the men halted their stroll, as we came to the edge of the Tree line we'd hit the deck. I took out my binoculars and looked over to the town to find it filled with a Horde of Zed's, the Corporal would insist on taking a look, I passed them over and Took a sip of Water from my canteen, taking a deep breath Thomas would insist that the mission was complete and we should be getting back, I'd would of loved to agree with him but I knew the captain wouldn't think it was enough, So with a dreading edge to my voice I told the poor lads that we should get a closer look, they looked at me with innocence in their eyes, I'd give them a gentle smile back but a deceiving one none the less. Arching are backs and weapons raised, we continued to get a closer insight in to the town, the prosperity and its wares were an interest of the captains. After a few hours on the watch, the fog had thickened and sight was lost, I'd almost finished but I dare had left undone, the boys new my intentions and sicken them it did, my decision in the moment and unintentional it was. We went down into the town, we held stacked upon a crumbling wall, biters walked past, clueless of our presence. Then in the moment of falling sand, a weeping walker and a shatter of glass a vector upon the mist, a glimpse of darkness at its blackest blood, he came forth from the fog with gun for a tongue and trigger for hands he wore nothing but black and in the moment his weapon raised and an itchy finger ready to seize the opportunity which I gave him and he gazed upon, he contracted his finger, bleeding tears for my men yet I could not react as swift as I thought I could, leaving a trail of blood he fell to the ground to bullets of anger from my lost wager. I felt a drop of rain and knew only I was to Blame, the red water leaked to the ground and stained the wall which we lay against, falling down to our knees with a few flesh wounds we weep and cry for we did not want to die...


A shimmer of light peaked through the cove in my eyelid, a gentle whistle from the birds sprung me to life and I found myself laying on a medical bed, I sighed with relief and questions came to my head and answers I had to gain no matter the pain, I was greeted by the professor who told me I had to rest, countering his demands I asked away, what had happened to my brothers that day? Cpl. Thomas died to the bitter bite of bullets, Pvt. Comhaill had lost his memory and was in great distort. I asked about the man in Black and he replied with 'I have no idea what you're talking about?'. Confused but intrigued about my attempted Murderer, I wondered for a sec, but then I realised I had not a shred of respect for my brother who died, so I lay back against my pillow and mourned and cried and sung a soft melody to sleep my anger. I thought of how the Corporal would weep for his bride, maybe a silent wedding would still be nice. But, my fault it was and only there wasn't much to do to make it back up the corpse in the ground, other than weep and mourn. When I went back to the moment of descent I thought of the man's conspicuous hostilities and asked myself why? What's the point in making children cry? I never understood the ways robbery, but just instant death, what could possibly drive such a motive?

[align=right]Ripples In The Water


//Music - beetroot they're all dead.

Open for feedback and any Grammar errors - sorry if I missed them.

Will update weekly hopefully.


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Guest Phalix

If only it wasn't red so I didn't have to strain my eyes to read it.

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